Where to place an air purifier in the room?

Air Purifier is very necessary for every home and office in the current times. With the increasing pollution in the cities today, the people in urban areas suffer from many respiratory diseases. Many old people also suffer from asthma and breathing problems because of increasing pollution. 

Every modern home is equipped with an air purifier today for clean indoor air. High-quality indoor air is necessary for good health. It also improves mental health and increases the levels of concentration in the work. 

Today, air purifiers are available in various sizes. You can buy an air purifier for large and small areas. Nowadays, air purifiers come in compact sizes. It makes storage easier and better every time. Now, the question is where to place the air purifier in the home? Before purchasing the air purifier, you must find the right place in your home.  

The right room for placing an air purifier 

Most of the air purifiers today come with smooth wheels. You can move them from one room to another easily throughout the day. During the daytime, you can place it in the kitchen to purify the air while cooking food. If you want to sit in the drawing-room for watching TV or reading the newspaper, you can place an air purifier in the drawing-room. 

During the night time, you can keep the air purifier in the bedroom, study room, or playroom. You can also move the air purifier in the bathroom while taking shower. 

Some people have bulky air purifiers. It is difficult to shift heavy and bulky air purifiers every time. In that case, you must place the air purifier in the room that has a high amount of pollution. The most polluted area in the home is the kitchen due to fire and smoke. 

If you have a problem with dust, pollutants, allergens, and pet hair, the ideal place to keep an air purifier is the drawing-room. If you want to enjoy a long and undisturbed sleep at night, you can move the air purifier to the bedroom. 

Helpful tips for keeping your air purifier in the home 

You have to take care of some things while placing an air purifier in the home. Some of the below tips will help to fetch maximum benefits from an air purifier. 

1. Look at the coverage area of your air purifier 

This is the first and foremost point to check while placing an air purifier. If your air purifier can cover an area of 100 sq. feet, you must choose the bedroom or kitchen. On the other hand, if your air purifier can purify an area of about 1100 sq. feet, you must choose the spacious area. 

Putting a tiny air purifier in a large room will increase your electricity bills. Moreover, it does not filter the air in the home effectively.  

2. Pick the place with odor source 

Air purifiers emit lots of bad odors while purifying indoor air. You should keep the air purifiers in the room that the source to remove bad odors. In this way, you can stop the smell or bad odors to go inside the home. Apart from that, the air purifiers come with powerful filters that help in removing bad odors of smoke, dust, and pollutants. 

3. Do not choose corners or tight spaces  

When it comes to keeping an air purifier, many people keep it in the corners of the rooms. Placing an air purifier in the room corner is not a good idea. It is because the air purifier cannot purify the air of the room effectively. This will keep the polluted air within the home or room thereby leading to different health problems and diseases in the family. 

4. Doorways 

A doorway to the room is the right place to keep an air purifier. It purifies the air with the help of filters and stops polluted air from entering the room. Besides, the air purifier also removes pet hair, allergens, germs, and harmful particles from any place. Moreover, it removes bad odors of pet dander, dust, and cooking food. 

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5. Avoid keeping air purifier with other gadgets 

There are many gadgets in the home with filters and dehumidifiers. You should not place an air purifier with the gadgets having filters. The main reason is that the air purifier cannot work effectively along with other gadgets. It will not clean the room or purify indoor air. 

In addition to that, you should not keep an air purifier near the TV, fridge, or home theater system. Placing an air purifier near these appliances will cause a disturbance in the working. 

6. Avoid placing an air purifier near furniture 

If you have large tables, dining tables, and chairs at your home, do not place an air purifier near the furniture. Bulky furniture obstructs the working of the air purifier. Placing an air purifier below the chair or table can reduce the airflow. You should not keep air purifiers inside a cupboard or closet. This will decrease airflow and affect the working of air purifiers. 

What are the other points to fix an air purifier? 

Many people get confused when the thing is about the installation of an air purifier. Many manufacturers suggest the best points to fix an air purifier such as:

  • Wall 

You can choose an air purifier that can be mounted on the wall. It works better than normal air purifiers and gives an elegant look to your room. 

  • Floor or ground 

If you have a heavy air purifier at your home, you should place it on the ground or floor. Placing an air purifier on the ground will give the best results. Your air purifier will pull air effectively and purify the indoor environment. 

Final words 

It is very important to first consider the right place for keeping your air purifier. The performance of an air purifier depends on the location in your home. Every home has a different location of the rooms. You must find the right spot that suits your air purifier.