Linksys Vs. Netgear – Which Router is best?

A router should be of the best quality to get speedy internet services within the home or office. There are ample companies that bring the routers for commercial and residential use. Many routers do not give the internet to a large area. Apart from that, they also stop in outdoor locations. 

For the last many years, Linksys is one of the best brands in terms of routers. It is good in performance, range, and signals. You can choose Linksys routers for small and large offices and homes to get a speedy internet connection. On the other hand, Netgear is also a good choice while choosing a Wi-Fi router. Both the models manufacture world-class Wi-Fi extenders but both have different features for homes and offices. 

This article will highlight the differences between the two models. You can decide the brand depending on the performance, design, and other features. 

Difference between Linksys Vs. Netgear

To find the best Wi-Fi router for home or office, you need to compare the products of Netgear and Linksys brands. The top-notch and best products available today in the market are Linksys MX5 and NetGear AX12. Let us compare both the products in detail: 

1. Linksys MX5 

Easy to install and use, Linksys MX5 is one of the best Wi-Fi routers for homes and offices. Anyone without technical knowledge can set up this router easily. There are some simple steps to use Linksys MX5 router for your device. You have to only download the Linksys app and connect the modem with the device. The next step is to set up a name and password to open the Wi-Fi network. 

Features of Linksys MX5 router 

  • Hardware 

If you have a spacious home with a backyard, you can choose MX5 Velop from the Linksys brand. It covers a wide range and offers a speedy network connection. Apart from that, it can connect several devices at a time such as PC, smartphones, laptops, and TVs. Moreover, you can add an MX5 Velop router to several devices 

  • Design 

MX5 velop router is good for small houses as well. It does not consume much space in your homes. Besides, the design of this router is quite attractive and you can keep it in any corner of the home. However, it weighs about 3.5 pounds. 

  • USB 

If you want to store a large number of files, you can go for Linksys MX5. It comes with a USB port for different storage devices. You can also share documents and files with the help of USB 3.0. 

  • Covering range 

Linksys MX5 Velop can send network connection up to 3000 sq. ft. It means it can also cover backyards and outdoor spaces. 

Additional features of Linksys MX5 Velop 

  • It comes with 3 bands for faster speed. 
  • Linksys MX5 Velop includes 44 MU-MIMO technologies for more network capacity. 
  • This router has 4 Gigabit ports for connecting more devices and getting speedy internet. 
  • BSS technology helps to reduce network disturbances. 
  • You can also get a Guest network by using different passwords.

2. NetGear AX12 

The second most popular product of NetGear is AX12. It also has many cool features for homes and offices. This router helps you to manage network connections in the home or office. Let us have a look at some features of the NetGear AX12 router. 

  • This router is lightweight as compared to the Linksys MX5 router. 
  • It works with the help of Wi-Fi 6 technology and connects more devices. 
  • This router is good for video streaming and online gaming tasks. 
  • The design of NetGear AX12 is a more beautiful Linksys MX5 Velop. 
  • NetGear AX12 can work even with the old versions of routers. 
  • It can cover an area of about 2000 sq. feet without technical issues. 
  • This router comes with 8 antennas and works without dead spots. 
  • You can get 5 Gigabit ports in NetGear   AX12 for connecting more devices and speeding up Wi-Fi connection. 
  •  This router comes with a guest network option for a secure network. 
  • You can use the home network even in the remotest corner. 
  • NetGear AX12 can work well with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. 

Additional features of NetGear AX12 router  

  • Feature of OFDMA support 

NetGear AX12 includes OFDMA support for gaining better data speed. This router also performs well when you connect many devices at one time. Moreover, it reduces latency while sensors of Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and Augmented Reality. 

  • Third 5GHz band

One of the benefits of choosing NetGear AX12 is that it has a 3rd GHz band for fast internet and better performance. 

  • Beamforming technology 

Another smart feature of NetGear AX12 is that it includes Beamforming technology for powerful signals. You can also send data and files from one device to another speedily. Apart from that, you can also get a smooth internet while surfing the internet or downloading videos and movies. 

  • 160mhZ Channel support feature 

It includes 160MHz channel support for speedy Wi-Fi. You can use all the devices effectively by using this router. 

  • USB 3.0

This router has 2 USB ports and you can use it as a storage option. Besides, you can also share documents and files on your device from your folder and backup. 

Which is a better option from the 2 products for work? 

Linksys and NetGear are both well-known names in the area of wireless internet connection. Both the routers have their benefits and cool features. They provide good performance with a wide range. 

In addition to that, both routers have modern technology and fast speed. Moreover, the design of NetGear is more elegant than the Linksys modem. 

There are some more factors to look at while choosing from these models. If you have a high budget while purchasing a router for home or office, you can select NetGear AX12. It is better than Linksys MX5 in several ways. You can get better performance and nice design by choosing NetGear. 

NetGear AX12 also gives faster speed than Linksys MX5. So, the best outdoor Wi-Fi extender for work is NetGear AX12. You can use it and share your experience.