How to choose a monitor for CAD?

Most of the budding engineer or architect will require upgrading their system configuration. They need to consider purchasing a brand new CAD monitor for enhancing their workflow. The number of architectural setups and engineering executing on your old monitors will not work and require changing it. Find below the list of best AutoCAD monitors to execute CAD software seamlessly for your reference. These monitors will work efficiently and also increase productivity. 

Some of the AutoCAD monitors are expensive to offer the best features and functionalities to work on your AutoCAD designing. It is always advisable to check the customer reviews or feedback to better understand the monitor before purchase. You can also check the product warranty to utilize it for numerous years without any hassle.

Best CAD Monitor 2020 – Buying Guide

Find below the list of important factors to consider while purchasing the best CAD monitors 2020 for your reference:

Color Range

Most of the AutoCAD work will never require the great coverage of utilizing the sRGB color space. If you prefer to render your projects or models then it is important to have accurate colors. Some of the monitors will have poorly calibrated colors to work on.


A few developers have an effective impact of ultra-wide monitors to deliver productivity work. The fantastic side on the extra screen will perform docking, multi-taking, or open other windows to work quicker.


It is a great thing to use a nice large-size monitor along with enough and long resolution. Monitor resolution above 1080p with 32-inches or bigger screen will rectify eye strain or misclicks while performing tedious jobs.


The cord end that plugs into your computer with a perfect fit. Different interface types are utilized and popularly used interface could be the serial port, which includes 5 pins with three rows. Various types of interface are USB-C type interface, Digital Visual Interface, Serial interface, HDMI, and others.

Display Dimensions

Display dimensions will include the following factors:

Display Units

Due to technology advancement, it is important to check the package’s Display units. The display should always be legible, if not non-legible.

Viewing Modes

Viewing modes include two different categories just portrait mode or landscape mode. Both are orientations and need to consider the influence while setting up the multiple display configurations.

3D Displays vs. 2D Displays

Earlier 2D (Two-dimension) displays were utilized and later the all-new three dimensional (3D) reality displays come into the picture.

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Display Technology

Some of the other parts are not easily notable and need to consider Display technology while purchasing the AutoCAD monitors. The Display will undermine your ability and as well as your design appearance. Most of the designers will prefer to choose the screen display with any technological device. The real deal should concern the real technology that works behind it. A few technology types are LED, LCD, and CRT.

Best CAD Monitors 2020

Find below the list of best CAD monitors 2020 available across the online marketplace for your reference:

Dell U3417W FR3PK 34” LED-Lit Screen Monitor

Dell U3417W FR3PK 34” LED-Lit Screen Monitor

The Dell U3417W FR3PK Ultra-sharp monitor is another curved IPS ultra-wide LCD monitor that has a high resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. The monitor is brighter enough and includes a factory calibration. Dell offers a wide viewing angle feature to deliver low latency and best utilization for AutoCAD work or gaming. They offer average picture quality with uneven blacks and low contrast results. 

The Motion-enhancing feature is lacking like black frame insertion or high refresh rate. This Dell U3417W monitor will offer the best job for its mixed combination work. You can perform multi-tasking work with its large-size screen and high resolution. Without any issue, most of the environments will fit by using its large viewing angles and high brightness.


  • Adjustable height
  • The Monitor comes with swivel, tilt options, and 18w speakers
  • Personalize your screen layout by using the Dell Easy Arrange feature
  • 60Hz refresh rate (low rate)
  • Eye protection from intense light to offer a comfortable view using the flicker-free technology
  • Numerous connectivity options like Audio out, MHL, mini DP, DP, 4 USB ports, and HDMI
  • LED Display panel
  • 34-inches Screen size


  • Stunning visual quality with high resolution
  • Creating a panoramic experience using the curved monitor
  • Eye protection with the flicker-free technology
  • Personalize your screen layout by using the Dell Easy Arrange feature


  • Low contrast ratio & refresh rates

LG 27UK850-W IPS LCD AutoCAD Monitor

LG 27UK850-W IPS LCD AutoCAD Monitor

LG is one of the most trusted and popular brands across the marketplace that build screens. They create numerous displays such as smartphones, televisions, Smart TVs, monitors, etc. LG 27UK850-W IPS LCD monitor is the best one for video editing, image editing, and even for other important works. It comes with affordable pricing within your tight budget and an ideal option for graphic designers and buddy engineers. The HDR10 technology will make it compatible to provide UHD (Ultra HD) picture quality and IPS 4K screen. 

This monitor is supported with USB-C type port connectivity, FreeSync technology with 4K UHD, and 27” screen-size. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and viewing angles at 178 degrees. Moreover, the refresh rate is low at 60Hz and includes numerous connectivity ports. They are multiple HDMI ports, Type-C ports, Thunderbolt ports, and many others. Overall, the LG 27UK850-W IPS LCD product is another best AutoCAD monitor to utilize for your designing work.


  • Specific levels of brightness and colors are supported to exceed the average monitors
  • HDR effect
  • It is compatible with HDR10 industry-standard high dynamic range to offer content creators vision
  • USB-C type connectivity options are included with this product
  • Workflow speed enhanced by using the AMD FreeSync Technology
  • 3840 x 2160 resolution with 4K UHD and 27” IPS LCD Display


  • High picture quality and larger screen
  • Affordable pricing even on a tight budget
  • It is much easier to set up
  • Color Gamut sRGB feature will offer accurate colors for AutoCAD designing works
  • Ultra HD and ergonomic design to offer comfortable viewing angles
  • AMD FreeSync Technology will provide seamless connection and best AutoCAD monitor to work with


  • Connectivity speed issues

AOC UHD U2790VQ 27-Inches WLED Black Monitor

AOC UHD U2790VQ is an elegant 27-inches 4K IPS monitor that comes with a DisplayPort. The black finish durable stand enhances the elegant and efficient 3-Sided frameless design. 4K resolution with 27” IPS LCD panel offers great versatility through wide gamut coverage and good color accuracy. AOC is specialized with its display technology and aims to offer great display experiences. 

Elite gaming teams can utilize this official monitor across the globe. AOC Gaming and AOC will raise the bar on its monitors for providing the important element within your computing system. They deliver the best frameless and sleek design to use without any hassle. Attractive presentation, creating a clean, screen space maximized with frame-less and modern design. 

This is another best wide color gamut model available within the online marketplace for global users. 10-bit color can provide smoother color transitions and also display numerous colors when compared to 8-bit color depth. Some of the typical panels will not display numerous colors. This is one of the best ultimate media or work station to use for AutoCAD designing work. It is also possible for users to expand their view by setting up multiple monitors.


  • It never requires power banks or bricks by using the in-built power supply
  • IPS panel with wide-viewing angles and another best AutoCAD monitor utilized by numerous global users
  • Color Gamut sRGB feature will offer accurate colors for AutoCAD designing works
  • Response time is 5ms and helps to enhance your productivity work
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio is 20, 000, 000: 1
  • It includes numerous connectivity options like DisplayPort cables, HDMI1.4, HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort 1.2 options.
  • 350 cd/m² typical brightness and seamless set-up using the 3-sided frameless design
  • IPS panel will produce numerous rich colors and offer wide viewing angles


  • Affordable pricing product when compared to various other similar products
  • Moreover, it won’t include any light bleed
  • Never require power banks or bricks by using the in-built power supply
  • Uniform field colors offered from one edge to the other
  • Picture quality is excellent


  • Installation is difficult due to the highly technical manual process


For your professional work, it is important to invest in any high-end CAD monitors for assistance. Some of them will underestimate the monitor’s power and the important factor for displaying your project or work. Most of the above-mentioned monitors are best to work on AutoCAD software with a minimum of 2K display. You can get crystal clear and sharp picture quality of any video or 3D model with its editing features. 

Ensure that you are purchasing the best CAD monitor to work efficiently on AutoCAD software. It is also advisable to think about the 4K AutoCAD monitor if you are working within the AutoCAD planning industry. They can offer the best visual precision, pixels with higher density, and unmatched image quality.