Best wireless headphones for working out under $100

We are now living the current world of Wireless delight and it is important to find the best wireless headphones for working out under 100 for your use. Apple Airpods will take the entire marketplace to start with the truly wireless headphones. With the development of Bluetooth technology, the sound quality is greatly enhanced. The true wireless headphone’s convenience is very much clear.

Without wires, you can speak and nothing is tangling, swinging, or dangling up. It is much easier for listening on the move. The true wireless headphones will offer freedom with exciting and really convenient. Within the technological market, you can find numerous varieties of available options. Most of the standard big players are still tend to offer at a higher price point.

Some of them will prefer to get the added convenience without purchasing at expensive pricing. It is properly researched across the marketplace and found the best wireless headphones under $100. You can also find the best cheap wireless headphones available at your affording pricing to use.

Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out under 100

Find below the list of best wireless headphones for working out under 100 available across the online marketplace for your reference:

1. Aukey B60 Wireless Earbuds

Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out

Aukey B60 is one of the most popular and the best wireless headphones for working out with the durable and robust design. It has a plastic housing and includes numerous features in it. The headphone’s ergonomic shape has the perfect ear hooks to offer secure hold while taking swift turns across the corners, performing rapid movement, or moving at a high speed. Simultaneously it is also comfortable to wear and will never cause any contact pressure issues. Some of them informed that it is also comfortable to wear headphones for longer periods.

The integrated magnetic points in the headphone housing will work similarly to a chain closure. You can comfortably wear the in-ears across your neck when not in use for any audio-based applications. Practically, the system will ensure its protection against the water-repellent properties and also weather-related moisture. The headphone will make the cleaning and as well as the caring process more easily. It is noticeable that there are slight pain and cable noises while listening to audio. However, it can be rectified by removing the provided cable clip.

They offer 2 lithium polymer batteries and each has the capacity of 60mAh to serve the device’s main power supply. A fully charged device can work approximately for around 7 hours of running time. While connecting to iOS devices, you can find the battery status indicator next to the Bluetooth icon. During empty batteries, the quick charging function will assist to charge the device with charging for 10 minutes to offer music playback for 80 minutes. The charging process will work based on USB-C type to USB-A type with 90 minutes.


  • USB-C charging
  • Auto-connect
  • Magnetic earbuds that include automatic power on or off
  • IPX6 Water-resistant
  • Decent design and build


  • The slightly bulky control module
  • Pretty long cable

2. Plantronics 350 BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones

Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out under 100

This is another new FIT wireless headphone added to the list from its earlier 300 series headphones. It includes various features such as a re-designed earpiece, comfortable fitting, and many more to use. You should look forward to reviewing the best wireless headphones for working out offered from the Plantronics, the most famous craftsmanship. They have simple packaging and features with the classical blue color. 

Worry-free Wearing – The Plantronics BackBeat 350 FIT will offer the water-resistant design with IPX5-rated, sweat-proof, and a sport-weave cable for minimizing the friction smoothly over the skin during working outs. It is much easier for listening to your desired songs anywhere and at any time even in humidity and rain.

Effective Power – You can keep on playing music, wherever you go. Starting for the morning, you can enjoy the wireless music listening up to a maximum of 6 hours and another one hour by charging the device for a 15-minute.

Enhanced Stability – You can move constantly, but the wireless headphones should not. It offers numerous features like a two-in-one stability clip to attach to shirt or use it as a cinch, stabilizers with patent-pending ear tips, and secure-fit earloops. The BackBeat 350 FIT model is designed to place perfectly under most rigorous training sessions.

Rich & Deep Sound – You should never compromise the great sound.  The 6mm drivers along with the ear tips design will remove the noise, immersive audio experience with a rich sound, and a deep pack of ultra-light & discreet earbuds from the grocery store to the gym.


  • Loud
  • Enjoyable bass sound
  • Effective noise isolation
  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • Super stable and comfortable fit


  • Occasional signal interruptions
  • While rubbing the skin, you may hear the cable noise

3. 66 Audio Pro Voice Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


66 Audio Pro is one of the best and effective headphones for working out from the top-brand headphone makers. This is the first wireless headphone across the online marketplace to introduce the launch of Alexa’s support. They are specialized in manufacturing the most popular athletic headphones and now, taken a lead for launching the first wireless headphone to support Alexa, the personal assistant. You can start providing voice commands to the device for reading weather news or other news, switching the music tracks, and many more by wearing the headset and saying, Alexa.

This 66 Pro Voice model will never include the buttons. After saying Alexa, you can perform any actions based on your preference like ordering pizza, raising the volume, etc., but you should utilize the stable data connection or wireless connection for better results. With regard to the headphones specification, the product offers the 66 SoundEngine support for AAC & aptX technologies, a 36mmm Stereo engine, and many more to use. Apart from the Equalizer mode, it is much easier to control the headphones using the Motion Control App and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Users are allowed to know the connection status, battery charge percentage, the exact known location in case of the headset loss, and other options are also available. The headphone with the Amazon Alexa functionality will enhance the compact design & comfortable wear to connect even during the sporting time. The Qualcomm aptX technology is packed within this Bluetooth headphones for ensuring the high-quality audio transmissions. The ActiveVoice recognition will allow hearing the sound while speaking to the Alexa, voice assistant.


  • Very strong mobile app
  • Good & effective fit even while exercising
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Voice-recognition performances


  • Only use the original AC power adapter for charging

4. Plantronics 500 BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones


Most of the sportsperson like weightlifters will prefer to utilize the over-ear & on-ear wireless headphones for easier access within the rep conversation. This headphone offers the best battery-life for 18-hours, much easier to use & control, sweat-resistant, and comfortable fit. The little bass-heavy sound is not too effective even overshadows to mix everything else. The BackBeat 500 FIT headphones will remain comfortable from sweating. Also, the sweat-resistant coating within the memory-foam ear cups can be easily cleaned and never get gross or absorb your sweat.

The BackBeat 500 FIT headphone is tested under various high-impact activities such as tuck jumps, burpees, and many more. Your ears are gripped using the push-ups and bench presses. The solid Bluetooth connection will never create any problem and you can refill your water bottle leaving the phone from 30 feet without audio interruption. The intuitive controls can easily fell to answer calls, utilizing the controls such as volume, track skip, pause, or play without removing the BackBeat 500 FIT headset. The bulkier headphones will never work for high-impact workouts.

Sometimes, you may feel hotter if you are warming up for a longer period by wearing the headphones. If you are working on a workout for an hour in an 80 °F room, you may never feel to remove this wireless headphone from your ears. Other full-sized headphones will make you feel your ear like radiators after 20 minutes of work out. However, this is not a lightweight product and allows you to enjoy music during the workout.


  • Great Bluetooth connection range
  • Lightweight
  • The good price point to offer very good audio
  • Sweat-proof
  • User-friendly controls
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable pricing


  • Audiophiles are not satisfied
  • The comfort fit may vary for different persons

5. Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones


Plantronics BackBeat FIT is the best wireless headphones for exercise and workout with comfortable and stable to maintain the pace with you. The on-ear controls will assist you to control the calls or music on the move without making any changes to your Smartwatch or mobile phone. Your phone is secured using the reversible armband to store the headphones while moving.

Free Companion App – This free companion app is available for both Android and iOS devices. A single touch can turn within paired devices, change language alerts, customize settings, and many more.

Sweat-proof & Water-proof – This BackBeat FIT has an IP57 rating and water-proof design to withstand rinse under the tap or heaviest rain. For additional protection, the invisible sweat-proof nano-coating is used.

Easy-Access Controls – The integrated on-ear controls will allow you to increase or decrease the volume, skip songs, answer calls, and many more.

Energizing & Bold Colors – You can express yourself by choosing the list of available bold colors to gear up during the workout.

Built for Action – Anyone can rely on the working style of the BackBeat FIT model through sweat, a splash of sports drink, or rain. The headphone is properly protected from moisture and sweat with its P2i nano-technology and design. It applies to the P2i nano-coating within the manufacturing process to provide the invisible liquid repellent properties.


  • Wireless Bluetooth offers 8-hours battery support
  • Nice sound quality and comfortable
  • Water-resistant and secure fitness-oriented
  • It includes the Neoprene armband
  • You can easily accept the calls
  • Sweat-proof material


  • Not an ideal one for jogging or running
  • Expensive pricing

6. PowerBeats Pro AppleCare+ Wireless Headphones


AppleCare+ PowerBeats Pro is another best example with a well designed product under the Bluetooth Wireless headphones category that will never hurt you. There are numerous new entrants across the online marketplace in recent months however, only a few true wireless headphones will offer higher features with its earbud design. A few of them will not perfectly fit your earbuds and some of them may not be comfortable for you to use. The unsealed earbuds will often fallout from your ears.

Power & Play – If you are training for a marathon or working out for longer hours, these earbuds will offer the listening time up to a maximum of 9 hours of continuous music playing. Make use of the charging case to get combined playback for an additional 24 hours. The fast fuel charging for 5-minute will offer playback for 1.5 hours even the battery status is 1% or low. The battery life is properly conserved by detecting the automatic turn on or off sensors if the earbuds are within the sleep mode or in idle state.

Plays one-side or both sides – You can enjoy your audio with ultimate control by using both sides or right or left side alone. Each earbud is included with track controls and full volume and not required your iPhone or any other device for music adjustment. The Auto Play & Pause sensors will knew the jumpstarting while workouts or placed in your ear and ready to use. The voice-assistant feature is compatible with numerous devices and allows you to stay in your comfort zone.

Professional Sound – This wireless headphone is properly designed for the real athletes to match the maximum workouts and offer the top priority to hear the professional sound. The AppleCare+ PowerBeats Pro can provide balanced and powerful audio with its redesigned acoustic package for delivering the improved dynamic range, enhanced clarity, and pure sound reproduction. The listening time could be 9 hours for each earbud with a balanced and powerful sound for motivating you to hear more music.

High-performance Workout Headphones – This PowerBeats Pro workout headphone will revolutionize the best method for you. It has no wires and specially designed for elite athletes to use. The secure-fit ear hooks are adjustable and customizable using the numerous ear tip features to make it properly placed along with extended comfort. This lightweight headphone is created with the reinforced design for the best performance of water and sweat resistance to provide the next level of workouts experience.


  • Secure fit
  • Sound quality
  • Great flexibility for allowing to use the Apple’s H1 Chip
  • Class 1 and Bluetooth 5.0 support


  • Expensive product
  • Not great isolation

7. Jabra Elite Active 75T


When compared with earlier versions like Active 65T & 65T, the design has minimal enhancement from Active 75T & Elite Active 75T. However, this is another most popular working out headphones utilized by numerous users. They are very close-up and also near-identical to its previous models. It has a similar placement in the ears and created using the same plated metal and plastic-mixed rubber. You can adjust the fit using the supplied ear gels for the Jabra’s Elite Active 75T to make it similar. The earbuds are also the same-sized to charge the case to offer the best battery life.

The Jabra Elite Active 75T model will offer the upgraded fitness perspective with its water-proof rating with IP57 mode from the earlier IP55 mode. The buds are sweat-proof and as well as water-proof. Since it is a water-proof, they are well-suited for swimming as well. However, the Bluetooth access is useless while in water and this is another reason for dropping this model. But as per the testing report, it works fine during the treadmill running sessions with a sweaty interval and the storm test without any issues.

The onboard controls were properly implemented using the wireless pair of earbuds for your work out. It is much easier to press the in-built icons for adjusting the volume, accessing the smart assistants, skip the music tracks, and many more. This new model is also available in Titanium Black, Copper Black, and Navy colors. The upcoming model will come in Sienna, Mint, and Grey colors to impress the customers to use the standard Active Elite 75T earbuds.


  • Pass-through mode
  • Auto-play or Auto-pause
  • Quick Charging
  • Microphone quality
  • IP57
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and multipoint


  • Sensitive buttons
  • No aptX, and only supported with AAC


There are numerous best wireless headphones for working out under 100 available over the internet for purchase. It is hard to identify the best one. Each one will make it unique by offering high-quality features and options. You can select the Bluetooth-enabled headphones in case if your mobile phone does not include a headphone jack to use. It is great to use earbuds.

They are comfortable, sweat-proof, a carrying case, and also work for eight hours along with one-year manufacturer warranty. It can fulfill the entire requirements and offer a well-rounded sound quality for the users. You can use those earbuds with confidence as well. This article will assist the users to choose the best wireless headphones to use.