10 Best toddler bed rails 2020

Watching your kids grow is the most awaited moment in your life. You have been with your child right from birth until he/she learns to walk. Now, your child is grown up and sleeps on the bed. But still, as a parent, you worry about their safety.

You can now choose the best toddler bed rails to keep them safe throughout the day. Whether your child sleeps or plays on the bed, these rails will protect them from falling down. Apart from that, the bed rails can give peaceful sleep to the parents while their kids go to sleep. Now, you can fix these rails to your kid’s bed and worry not for the safety of the children.

Best toddler bed rails 2020

1. Regalo Hideaway bed rail guard 


Being a parent, you will also go for the long rails to fix on the beds. This is the best toddler bed rail for the kid’s bed. It has a length of 54 inches for tall boys and girls. Further, the rail contains premium quality steel that does not rust with water or heat.

In addition to that, this bed rail gives protection to the kids who roll over in the sleep. It is 20 inches high to prevent the kids who lean over the bed. Moreover, it takes a few seconds to attach this rail on your kid’s bed.

You can easily remove the parts of this bed rail after use. Furthermore, this guard can fit on fit on double, full size and Queen and king mattress.

2. Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail 


Does your kid rollover during night hours? Then you can purchase this bedrail for your kid. It is 42 inches long and has a height of 21 inches. Further, the material of this bed rail is polyester. Besides that, it also contains nylon and mesh. The certified materials of this rail do not rust or corrode in any weather.

Additionally, this kid’s bed guard can fix on any twin, queen or king-sized mattress. Moreover, it is easy to install this rail on the bed. It also comes with one side swing for changing the diapers of your kids.

In addition to that, there is no space between the mattress and rail after installing this rail. It is also easy to remove this bed rail after use.

3. Hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers 


The next rail on the list is the Hiccapop brand. It is a good bed rail for toddlers’ bed with amazing colors and patterns. The rail is designed from high-quality polyurethane foam that does not cause skin allergies or infection. Apart from that, this bed rail has a height of 4.5 inches.

Further, the rail is easily washable with hot or cold water or even in the machine. You can easily install this rail on your kid’s bed within a few minutes. Moreover, it fits on all bed sizes of the kids. This bed rail also includes 2 bumpers. Your kid can sleep with safety after installing this modern bed rail. Additionally, this bed rail suits the kids of all ages. It also has a sturdy construction and fine quality foam.

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4. Bed Buddy Bed Rail Guard 


Your kids can now enjoy playing, sleeping and relaxing on their beds. This is one of the best bed rails with premium quality foam and materials. It does not rust or corrode in any weather or climate. Further, it will some minutes to install this rail on your kid’s bed.

In addition to that, it is very simple to clean the rail with hands or in the machine. Apart from that, it can fit all the bed sizes. Moreover, you can carry this lightweight bed rail while going for trips and picnics.

Additionally, the size of the rail can suit the kid of any age. It also contains a security system to protect your kids from falling on the floors while sleeping or playing.

5. Royexe the Original Bedrail 


This is one of the amazing and best toddler beds for children above 2 years. It is a length of 48 inches and a height of 5 inches with a width of 7 inches. Your child can sleep and play full day on their beds after fixing this rail.

Further, it can easily hold the weight of more than 300 lbs. The high-quality materials of the rail do not rust or corrode in any season. Moreover, it keeps your kid safe and secure in the bed throughout the day.

If your child rolls over the bed or cannot balance on the bed, you must attach this guard with the bed. Besides that, it fits with any bed size. Furthermore, the foam of the rail is water-resistant and rust-resistant.

6. Delta Foam Bed Rail Bumpers 


You can now enhance the look of your kid’s bed with these strong bed rails. They protect your kid from falling on the floors and injuries. Further, they are simple to install by anyone on the bed. Apart from that, these bumpers are easily washable with the hands or in the washing machine.

You can use these rail bumpers in any weather because of waterproof and rustproof materials. It can fit on any size of mattress and bed like a twin, Kingsize and full. Moreover, this is the perfect pair of bed rails for homes, hotel rooms, and guest houses.

In addition to that, the bed rails come with removable cover. Furthermore, they come with the security system to protect the growing kids during sleep or playtime.

7. ComfyBumpy Toddler Bed Rail


ComfyBumy brings the best toddler beds for boys who do many pranks. It contains nice quality materials and foam that do not rust with moisture or weather. This bed rail is suitable for the kids above the age of 2 years.

In addition to that, the rail has durable mesh padding that does not tear even after years. The simple installation and cleaning task make this bed rail the best to use in the home. It also remains firm and sturdy in one place. You can also wash this bed rail with hot or cold water or in the washing machine.

Additionally, it does not let your baby fall on the floor during sleep or playtime. Furthermore, this rail can fit on any bed or mattress.

8. Dream on Me Mesh Security Rail 


Having a length of 33 inches and a height of 15 inches, this is the nice bed rail. It has a strong construction to attach to any bed size. Apart from that, the durable materials and foam do not rust or corrode in any climate.

In addition to that, the bed rail easily fastens with the mattress or bed. You do not have to use screws or hooks to attach these rails to the bed or mattress. Moreover, this lightweight security rail is easy to carry while going to picnics and trips.

Additionally, the tall height and width give comfort to your kids during sleep or relaxing time. It also increases the safety of the kids during play or rest time. Furthermore, this bed rail is very simple to remove within a few minutes.

9. Regalo Swing Down Bedrail 


This is the robust bedrail with premium quality metal that never rusts with water, dust or pollutants. It has a length of 43 inches to fit the body size of all the toddlers. Further, the easy installation of this bed rail makes this tool very useful for the homes.

Additionally, the materials of this bed rail are tested in the lab. They do not cause skin allergies or infections. It is one of the safest rails to attach to your mattress or bed. Moreover, it saves the cost of buying other rails for the safety of your kids. You can also take them while going on family trips and picnics.

In addition to that, this bed rail suits the Queen, King, and twin-sized beds. Furthermore, the rail is safe to use for any home or hotel room.

10. KOOLDOO Fold-down toddlers’ safety bed rail 


The last brand on the list is KOOLDOO. This is one of the best bed rails for kids of 2 years and above. It can attach to any mattress or bed in the kid’s room. Further, the cloth of the rail is safe for the skin of toddlers. It does not damage the kid’s skin or cause allergies, infection or itchiness.

In addition to that, the foldable design of this bed accessory saves much of the space in your home. Apart from that, the rail is easy to fix without hooks or screws. The solid and durable steel frame of the rail does not rust or corrode in any weather.

You can also carry this portable tool from one place to another. It is also easy to clean with hot or cold water or in the washing machine.

Frequent Asked Questions On Best Toddler Bed Rails

1. Do toddlers need bed rails?

Toddlers love to move all over the bed for no reason. As your kids grow, they move faster than before. It then becomes a tough task for the parents to stop them from rolling over the bed or playing. The best thing you can do is install a bed rail around the bed of your kids. It is a safe tool for growing infants. 

Benefits of bed rails for the toddlers 

  • Increases safety 

Bed rails are solid and stop your kids from falling down on the floors while playing or sleeping at night. Apart from that, these rails relax the parents who have naughty kids. 

  • Decoration for the toddler’s bed 

Installing the bed rail around your kid’s bed looks attractive and decorative from all sides. These rails come in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. You can choose any design and colors that your kids love for their beds.

  • Body support 

Bed rails will let your kids play on the beds for the full day. They can sit perfectly on the beds as bed rails support their spinal cord. 

2. How long do toddlers need bed rails?

The basic function of bed rails is to protect the kids from slipping or falling down. So, it is obvious that bed rails are necessary during the growth years of kids. You must use bed rails when your kids turn 3 years old. At this age, they start walking and moving on their feet. This increases the risk of falling down or getting injuries. 

In addition to that, many kids have the habit to sit or sleep with the support of bed rails. If your kids have this habit, you can keep bed rails as long as your kids love them. Apart from that, the rails also keep the spinal cord of the kids in a straight position. 

Further, some kids have the habit of falling or slipping at night even after the age of 4 to 5 years. If you feel that bed rails can protect your kids from falling, you can keep them around your toddler’s bed. In other words, you must long bed rails as long as your kids learn to sleep or sit without them. 

3. Are toddler bed rails safe?

Most of the kids have the habit to roll out of the bed. So, the answer is yes. The bed rails are very safe for growing kids. As a parent, you must take care of some important things while installing the bed rails around your kid’s beds. They are as under:

  • The attached bed rails are safer than portable bed rails. 
  • You must not use the bed rails if your kid is 2 years old or younger than that.
  • Newborn babies might trap their feet between the bed and rails. 
  • You must choose an adult-sized mattress with a box spring to attach portable bed rails. 
  • Portable bed rails do not work on youth beds, waterbeds, and inflatable mattresses and toddlers’ beds. 
  • The distance between the bed rail and the head and foot must be at least 9 inches and not less than that. 
  • Do not place the bed of your kid against the wall. 

4. Are 18 months too early for a toddler bed?

No, you can get a toddler bed when your kids turn 18 months or more. It is the perfect age to cultivate the habit of your kids to sleep on the large-sized beds. Your kids might get uncomfortable during the first few days but then they get used to sleeping on the larger bed and mattresses. 

In addition to that, the safety tips will help your kids to get a nice sleep and playtime. You must do the following things: 

  • You must place hard objects such as wooden furniture or table on the floor. These things might hurt your kids if they roll out of the bed at night.
  • It is necessary to place every item properly before sending your kids to their rooms. 
  • You must remove the broken glass or other damaged things from the room for the safety of the toddlers. 
  • You should use beds with attached bed rails and no portable bed rails. 

Final words 

Your kids can fall or get injured while laying games or sleeping. You can select the bed rail for toddler beds from the above list.