Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder 2020 Review

Coffee Machines or Coffeemakers are one of the most important cooking appliances utilized for brewing coffee. Depending on the various brewing principles, you can find different coffeemakers types available across the online marketplace. Within the common devices, you can place the coffee grounds into a metal filter or paper inside a funnel. A cooking pot from the kettle family will set over the ceramic or glass coffee pot. You can pour the cold water within a separate chamber, it will boil and then direct within the funnel. The 1 cup coffee grinder is also referred to as automatic drip-brew. 

When compared with the standard drip coffeemaker, most of us can utilize these coffee machines. Make use of the push button by turning the water and coffee beans into a coffee pot. It is possible to get a better drinking taste without purchasing the ditch pre-ground coffee & conical burr grinder. Users can save their counter space and as well as cash. Convenience is the primary value along with multiple reasons to purchase the single serve coffee grinder for use.

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder

1. Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker BDC650BSS

Breville BDC650BSS is another best single cup coffee maker with grinder packed with stainless-steel material and various features. Depending on the eight different strength levels, it is much easier to select your coffee strength. Users can maximize the bean hopper and utilize the pre-ground for accommodating the half-pound grinding. The unit has a water tank with a capacity of 60oz and has a full 12-cup carafe. Users can program for auto-start brewing & grinding to make ready with the next coffee cup.

For this, you need to make some tweaks within the settings. Add coffee beans & water, and then wake up in the morning to have a ready & freshly brewed coffee. The LCD screen display on this machine will display the entire information of your preferred settings. Breville coffee maker single cup machine will assist the users to have a fresh coffee regularly. To use the taller cups such as travel mugs, it is essential to remove the maker’s drip tray. It is a perfect machine for preparing a mug or a hot shot of coffee.


  • The removable drip plate includes a height clearance with 7.5-inches for filling tall cups and the entire sizes travel mugs
  • Self-start feature will assist to grind & brew as per your preferred or schedule time
  • Make use of the pre-brew temperature-control system for delivering ideal water-temperature within the cold start
  • Distinct multiple settings available for a burr-grinder feature to offer optimal brew grinding for the user
  • You can also the Steep & Release technology for coffee brewing
  • The precision stainless-steel burrs to provide consistent & efficient ground particle-sizes


  • Water tank with a capacity of 60-oz
  • Strength grind size with 8 adjustable settings
  • Up to a maximum of 3 hours, you can have hot coffee using the Stainless steel carafe
  • Coffee brewing at consistent 200°F
  • Brewing options for full 12-cup or a single cup carafe


  • Grinding feeding system is inconsistency

2. Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind & Brew Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind & Brew Coffeemaker is another best single serve coffee grinder and brewer for regular use. This is one of the quick grindings and brewing coffee machine. One coffee grinding will assist to serve around 12 cups. The intuitive controls will allow the user to fine-tune the grinding or prepare strong coffee. It includes the coffee filter and water. This will ensure to get the purest and cleanest coffee to kick off your day. The material quality will assure you to offer BPA-free. The next morning, you can prepare fresh hot coffee using 24-hour fully programmable options.
  • The entire materials in contact with coffee or water are BPA free
  • Unit integration with 2-cup up to 4-cup feature
  • Grind-off feature
  • You can program your coffee amount using the Grind control feature to grind from 2 cups up to 12 cups
  • Choose Coffee strength from the Strength selector such as Mild, Medium, or Strong
  • Before brewing, beans will grind automatically using the Burr grinder
  • Easy pour of each 5 oz for 12 cups
  • You can enjoy brewing cup with the help of brew pause, ergonomic handle, and no-drip glass carafe feature
  • It prevents moisture using the sealed lib with the 8oz bean hopper


  • Achieve the best coffee by using the measuring scoop to get the perfect water ratio
  • It includes strength grind control and selector
  • Next morning, you can prepare fresh hot coffee using 24-hour fully programmable options


  • Not lighted LCD screen display

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3. KRUPS KM7005 Grind & Brew Coffeemaker

KRUPS KM7005 Grind & Brew Coffeemaker will offer the best high-dose coffee even at work. You can maintain the coffee hot functionality for at least 2 hours. Make use of the feature “Pause & Serve” to remove the carafe any time for serving warm coffee. Digital control settings with a coffee-ware ratio for 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2-cups. 

You can achieve the best coffee to get the perfect water ratio. Without any taste change, you can easily serve up to a maximum of 10 coffee cups. Choose Coffee strength from the Strength selector such as Mild, Medium, or Strong.  The intense extractions using the aroma function will offer the bar experience to gain a professional barista coffee brewing.


  • 2 years manufacturer worldwide warranty
  • 950 watts
  • Duo-filter Water filtration system
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Make use of the feature “Pause & Serve” to remove the carafe any time for serving warm coffee
  • Digital control settings with a coffee-ware ratio for 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2-cups
  • Intense extraction using the aroma function
  • Choose Coffee strength from the Strength selector such as Mild, Medium, or Strong
  • Grinding with 5 different levels
  • Conical in-built steel burr grinder for a programmable coffeemaker


  • It is much easier to clean the product
  • Reliable water filter
  • Personalize strength and grinding settings
  • Reliable grinding
  • Sturdy design


  • The product is heavier and also expensive

4. Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffeemaker& In-Built Grinder

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffeemaker is one of the old favorite coffee makers available across the online marketplace. However, this is another best highest quality or fanciest coffeemaker machine for preparing a single cup of coffee. It can make a delicious cup of coffee by using the pre-ground beans or whole beans. This unit comes with affordable pricing, easy, and compact to fit beside the stove or on a shelf. You can quickly disassemble and assemble the pieces or much easier to clean within the sink or dishwasher. It also includes a stylish and efficient travel mug to use. 

You cannot find any highly-technical programmable feature within this unit. But, it has the capacity to hold up to a maximum of a 10-cup carafe or numerous coffee beans for preparation. As per the advertisement, this is solid equipment to use. It is an ideal option for travel mugs to prepare excellent coffee by filling 16 ounces to get a single cup. This coffeemaker is a perfect choice or people living in small spaces or singles.


  • Personalize for numerous coffee mugs
  • Permanent filter incorporate within the grinder
  • Travel mug included with BPA-free premium style
  • It is perfect to utilize the travel mugs
  • Classic ground coffee or whole beans can grind easily
  • In-built grinder


  • Affordable pricing unit
  • Feels lighter with a quality machine
  • A Travel mug is another an additional bonus to use
  • This single serve coffee grinder can server only one coffee cup
  • The product’s simplicity can assist you to breath fresh air


  • Messy during grinds

5. Melitta MEMB1B Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

Melitta MEMB1B will offer the convenience of utilizing 7 different grinding settings. Depending on your requirement, the in-built grinder uses 7 different grind settings from coarse up to fine. The permanent filter basket is made up of stainless-steel material for eliminating the utilization of disposable filters. The gauge of the water reservoir is up to a maximum of 10 cups by adjusting the water level. As per the schedule time, it will automatically start the brewing and as well as a grinding process. 

Without setting the timer, you can initiate the process of coffee-making automatically using the ground coffee option. It is possible to cease the dripping by removing the entire glass carafe from the available non-stick warming plate. Even while going on with the process, make use of the brewing pause feature to sip fresh brew coffee.


  • 1-year manufacturer limited warranty
  • Product measurement 7” x 9.5” x 13.5”
  • Disposable filters are not required with the help of stainless-steel filter basket
  • In-built grinder uses 7 different grind settings from coarse up to fine
  • Timer or Clock is programmable in advance (up to a maximum of 24 hours) to start the process
  • Preset time for coffee brewing and choose your option for grinding coffee beans


  • It is much easier to maintain and also clean
  • You can easily view the water level
  • Clear Water reservoir
  • The prepared coffee is consistent and tasty


  • Some parts are not reliable and prepared using plastic materials

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker – Buying Guide

Capacity – It is always essential to consider the coffee capacity that you prefer for every day. A few models can offer single-cup serving and other models have several carafes. Ensure that your coffeemaker can work with different sizes of cups.

Grind Settings – Coffee machines are available in different grind settings. It should allow the user to prepare their desire beverages without any hassle.

Personalize Features – The machine you purchase must allow for fully customizable settings. It is much easier to control the brew & grind amount. Some models may also include numerous in-built features. You can easily prepare cappuccino, espresso, and even other different coffee drinks. It is also advisable to choose the automatic espresso coffee machine for use.

Carafe – This is another important factor to consider while planning to influence the coffee quality. You can prepare the coffee by placing the glass-carafe on its hot plate to get out the flavor. Apart from that, it can maintain your coffee warm and taste for 30 minutes. If you prefer to stay hot for a long time then you can choose the thermal carafe. 

However, the carafe has to pre-heat before preparation. Depending on your requirement, you can use a dishwasher to clear the thermal carafes. If you prefer to have your coffee taster for numerous hours then choose the grind & brew thermal carafe.

Burr Grinder – This grinder machine type will run or work slowly. The grinder will work efficiently to deliver consistency grinding for preparing the great coffee.

Program-Button – It will assist to display or set the automatic programs on time.

Grind Off Button – While utilizing the pre-ground coffee, they can easily turn off the entire grinder settings.

Audible-Tone – This feature will alert five times sound after completing the brewing process.

Hour & Minute Buttons – Make use of these buttons to program auto-on and timer functions.

LCD Display – The LCD display can showcase the auto-on times and as well as the time.

Brew Pause – Before finishing the cycle, they make it simple for offering a good cup of coffee. While removing the carafe from the heater plate, it can stop flowing the coffee from the basket. It will assist to pour the coffee to your desired cup.


You can refer to the above-mentioned article to know the best single cup coffee maker with a grinder for your home. There are numerous coffeemaker styles available with different pricing points to match everyone’s request. Some of them prefer to utilize freshly ground coffee or pod-based machine for using both methods. 

A few machines can also offer manual solutions to use. Users can check the buying guide to know the importance of the coffeemaker and consider things before purchase. Choosing the best coffeemaker is another challenging factor for your home purpose. It should make your life much easier to save money and your time as well.