15 Best office chair for neck and shoulder pain 2021

The office is the place where you spend more than 12 hours of the day. Working on the desktops and laptops can cause pain in the spinal cord. It is very important to buy the best quality chair for work. If you compromise with the quality, it might damage your spinal cord.

The chair with headrest and footrest can give relaxation to the full body. It also gives an erect posture and removes the pain of the neck. If you want the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain, read the list below:

Best office chair for neck and shoulder pain 2021

1. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

office chair for neck and shoulder pain

As the name, suggests, this office chair has an ergonomic design. It is ideal for employees who have to work for long hours. You can buy this relaxing office chair for your homes as well. It contains premium quality nylon materials. It does not cause skin allergies or infections.


  • This recliner has a strong body made from fine quality aluminum

  • It comes in 6 stunning shades

  • You can adjust the back angle according to your choice

  • It includes high-quality mesh

  • This chair suits all the individuals

  • The adjustable height gives comfort to every person

  • It comes with armrests to relax your arms in between the work

  • The good material does not rust in any weather


  • The headrest removes neck pain

  • Durable material

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Lightweight office chair

  • Heavy-duty wheels for movement

  • Perfect for game lovers

  • Supports your back

  • Eco-friendly materials


  • Short armrests

  • Hard headrest

  • Costly office chair

2. Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair

office chair for neck pain

Herman Miller introduces the best office chair for cervical spondylitis. It is small in the size and available in 2 smart colors. Further, the tilt mechanism relaxes your neck, back, and shoulders. You can keep this chair in any corner of your office or home.


  • The chair is designed from the supreme quality fabric

  • It is good for people with thigh pain

  • The unique ergonomic shape supports your body

  • It keeps your body cool and does not cause sweating

  • Your spine will stay erect even after many hours

  • It gives relief to arms after a long tiring day at the office.


  • Removes back pain within a few weeks

  • Boosts blood circulation

  • Good for gaming

  • Smooth movement with strong wheels

  • Easy to adjust the settings of the chair

  • Good for the lower spine

  • Beneficial for people with joint pain


  • Limited warranty

  • Available in only 2 shades

  • Expensive product

  • Does not include soft cushion

3. Ergonomic Office Chair with Headrest Adj and Tilt Limiter

office chair for shoulder pain

The next on the list is the office chair from the MOOJIRS brand. It is one of the amazing office chairs for the backrest and lumbar support. The different features and ideal design make this chair beneficial for daily use. It does not cause sweating, skin allergies, or itchiness.


  • The rich quality aluminum frame does not corrode

  • It includes 7 powerful functions

  • It is easy to adjust this chair

  • You can adjust the height of the recliner

  • It includes a backrest tilt angle

  • The chair comes with a hanger to keep your coat

  • It supports the waist, back, and shoulders

  • Suitable for home, office, and shops


  • Removes body pain instantly

  • Simple to maintain and clean

  • Headrest for relaxing

  • Ergonomic design gives perfect posture

  • Gives support to the full body

  • The good quality mesh keeps you cool

  • Relaxes your arms

  • Easy movement with wheels


  • Bulky recliner

  • No soft cushion for relaxing head

  • Small-sized armrest

4. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair

neck pain office chair 2020

If you have the regular problem of back pain, it is time to change the chair. You must get this robust chair for your home or office. It is crafted using the latest technology. You can get 5 elegant colors in this chair. It is one of the most comfortable chairs for daily use.


  • It includes headrest to relax your neck

  • You can sit on this chair for long hours

  • It has a sturdy construction

  • Swivel design gives the comfort of moving the chair in any direction

  • It is easy to adjust the height of the chair

  • Solid armrests for painful arms


  • The sturdy wheels move the chair easily

  • It has a stylish design

  • The soft cushion is perfect for relaxing

  • Good chair for gaming lovers

  • High-quality fabric does not harm your skin

  • Nice workmanship

  • Easy to roll on any kind of surface


  • Not a durable product

  • Not suitable for obese people

  • It is not ideal for people with short height

5. Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair

best office chair for neck and shoulder pain

Steelcase has been making world-class office chairs for the customers. This is the superb office chair with neck support with the latest features. It is available in more than 16 shades. Weighing 78 pounds, this office chair can come in small and large spaces.


  • The ergonomic design gives comfort to the body

  • It includes armrests to remove pain from the arms

  • This recliner provides lumbar support

  • It gives continuous support to the body

  • You can adjust the settings according to your preferences

  • It suits different body sizes and shapes

  • You can adjust this chair in any position


  • This armchair contains durable materials

  • It gives you the choice to sit in any position

  • Modern technology

  • Good for people who work for many hours

  • It is also ideal for gaming fans

  • This recliner is rustproof as well as waterproof


  • The chair is heavy and bulky

  • Hard headrest

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6. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

This is a nice office chair for the employees. It is beneficial for back support and removing neck pain. The ergonomic shape gives relaxation to the full body.


  • It includes 3D lumbar support

  • You can adjust the height of the chair easily

  • The headrest supports your head after long working hours

  • It comes with solid wheels to move in any direction

  • The rich quality material does not cause irritation or itchiness

  • It is a good chair for gaming

  • High-quality wood and iron

  • Tilt mechanism for easy reclining

  • Hollow fabric for air circulation throughout the day

  • Available in various colors

  • Strong base


  • Simple to assemble

  • Easy moving with heavy-duty wheels

  • Armrest for removing your arms

  • Skin-friendly materials

  • Sturdy construction for stability

  • Smooth wheels

  • Good for people with back pain

  • Easy to clean

  • Comfortable to use for a long time


  • Not suggested for obese people

  • Limited color options

  • It shakes while reclining

  • Expensive product

7. KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair Metal Base

shoulder pain office chair

Do you love gaming with your best friends? Then you can get this heavy-duty gaming chair. It has the latest features and nice shape. This chair is multifunctional and gives comfort to the full body.


  • Strong construction for stability

  • Nice quality foam for comfort to your body

  • Footrest for removing leg pain

  • Adjustable height and lumbar support

  • Rich quality PU leather to avoid skin problems

  • Tough wheels for smooth movement

  • Rustproof metal frame

  • Capacity to hold the weight of about 350 lbs.

  • Gas spring cylinder for adjusting the height

  • Strong metal base


  • High-density foam for comfort and relaxation

  • Headrest for removing neck and shoulder pain

  • Wheels do not damage the floors

  • Simple to clean with a dry and wet cloth

  • Easy to recline as per your comfort

  • Lightweight chair

  • Helps to maintain the shape of the body


  • Costly parts

  • Hard headrest and not comfortable for everyone

  • Not available in attractive colors

8. Livinia Ergonomic Office Chair

Livinia Ergonomic Office Chair

You can now replace your old office chair with this new one. It includes lumbar support for giving an erect posture. The chair has a compact size and you can keep it anywhere in the home or offices.


  • Designed from premium quality polyurethane

  • It is good for small and large workspaces

  • The beautiful black suits every type of interior

  • Comfortable cushion seat for back support

  • Suitable for long term use

  • Headrest for afternoon lap and reading

  • Retractable base

  • Good for small and large homes and shops

  • Armrests

  • Tilt mechanism for reclining

  • Dual lumbar support for the back

  • Mesh back for avoiding skin problems


  • Premium quality seat cushion for extra comfort

  • The armrest can fit under any table or desk

  • Good for people with spondylitis and lower back pain

  • It removes inflammation and pain

  • Lightweight office and gaming chair

  • Strong base

  • Heavy-duty wheels for easy rotation


  • Tilts only up to a certain extent

  • Expensive product

9. Duramont Adjustable Office Chair

Duramont Adjustable Office Chair

If you a good quality office chair, you can choose this chair. It includes smart features that make your routine work more effective. You can get comfort and relaxation after using this recliner for a few weeks. It is a robust office chair with armrests for homes, shops, and small offices.


  • This chair has an adjustable height for every user.

  • You can adjust the recliner in any direction.

  • Armrests for relaxing your arms after a long working day.

  • Heavy-duty wheels for easy movement

  • Premium quality foam in the seat for body comfort


  • Suitable for obese people

  • Easy to assemble the parts of the chair easily

  • Tilt mechanism for a stable backrest

  • It contains skin-friendly fabric that does not cause itchiness

  • The high-quality wheels do not leave scratches on the floors.

  • Comfortable headrest

  • Good for study room, office, and meeting rooms


  • A strong chemical smell from the recliner

  • Bulky in the size

10. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair


SIHOO makes some of the best products for homes and offices. This is one of the best office chairs for bad backs and necks. It comes with ergonomic design to protect your body from pain. The solid construction will give you long term benefits.


  • The recliner has the shape that comforts your body

  • It has a wide base and sturdy construction

  • You can adjust this chair in any position

  • It is good for homes and offices

  • You can also use it while playing games or reading

  • It keeps your spinal cord straight


  • It removes neck pain and shoulder aches

  • Anyone can assemble it quickly

  • Lightweight chair to use in any room

  • Durable materials

  • Rustproof recliner

  • Nice quality mesh for smooth airflow

  • Easy to rotate in any direction

  • It also gives comfort to your legs


  • Short armrests

  • This recliner shakes on putting the pressure

  • Expensive chair

  • Limited color options for your office and home

11. Smugdesk Office chair


Crafted with an ergonomic shape, this chair is perfect for daily use. Smugdesk’s office chair comes with all the amazing features that are good for the body. It offers lumbar support and high-quality cushion for the neck. This is the high-rated chair for office, homes, and shops.


  • It contains skin-friendly mesh for good air circulation

  • The headrest supports both shoulders and neck

  • Ergonomic design supports the full body

  • Adjustable armrests give the comfort of working

  • You can keep the armrests in any way you need

  • Provides many sitting positions in the home

  • Suitable for gaming, reading and other activities


  • Breathable and good quality fabric

  • Solid wheels do not scratch the floors or make them dirty

  • It removes spine pain

  • You can rest for a long time in this chair

  • Solid base keeps the chair firm

  • Backrest and headrest keeps the correct alignment of the spine


  • Bad quality seat

  • Hard headrest does not suit every user

12. DX Racer Racing DOH/REO

This is the best gaming chair for neck pain that you can use in homes as well as offices. It is one of the colorful chairs for game lovers. You can use it for playing games, reading, resting, or working. It is beneficial for the full body.


  • Multiple uses

  • High-density foam gives relaxation for long hours

  • Wider backrest for removing back pain

  • Strong construction

  • Good color combination

  • Nice armrests for relaxing after a long tiring day

  • Tall seat suits both short and tall people

  • Caster wheels for easy movement of the chair


  • Holds a maximum weight of 200 pounds

  • Durable steel frame

  • This recliner is easy to wash and clean

  • It is rustproof as well as waterproof

  • Soft pads of the armrests relax your arms

  • The adjustable height as per your need

  • Tilt mechanism for back comfort


  • Limited color combinations

  • It does not tilt well for resting

  • Not suitable for fat people

13. Ergomax Office chair

This is the smart office chair with a lovely blue color. It suits your home and office interior. You can use this recliner for various uses. It is perfect for people with back and neck pain.


  • The rich quality nylon frame makes this chair durable

  • It offers lumbar support

  • Breathable mesh for allowing air to pass in and out

  • Adjust the height according to your comfort

  • Change the position of the chair

  • Good quality powder coating

  • Heavy wheels for easy movement

  • This recliner has a sturdy construction

  • Armrest for relaxing arm muscles


  • Skin-friendly fabric does not cause skin allergies or infection

  • Lightweight chair

  • It can take up a maximum weight of 250 lbs.

  • Nice quality powder coating

  • Easy to wash with water and liquid soap

  • Quick assembly at home or office

  • Good for gaming


  • It is not fit for obese people

  • Tiny armrests

  • No variety of colors

  • Costly recliner for home or office

14. Anji Modern office chair

Packed with the latest technology, Anji Modern chair is a robust chair. It can be used in homes, offices, shops, and gaming rooms. The chair has many advanced features for the users.


  • Amazing black color

  • The ergonomic shape of the chair maintain your body structure

  • Headrest for taking an afternoon nap

  • Good chair for gaming, working and reading

  • Easy to tilt this recliner with the help of tension

  • Adjustable height for different users

  • Locking knee-tilt system for removing leg pain

  • Holds weight up to 280 lbs.


  • Relaxes your body for the full day

  • Removes neck and shoulder pain

  • Easy to adjust this chair in any direction

  • Tension knob helps to tilt the chair as you need

  • Nylon base provides stability

  • Good quality fabric does not harm your skin

  • Lumbar support for the back

  • Casters for moving chair

  • Wheels do not damage floors


  • Thin mesh and not durable

  • Wheels may damage in the long run due to pressure

  • The headrest not comfortable for all the users

15. ANCHEER Ergonomic office chair

If you want a long-lasting office chair, you can choose this one. It is the best office chair for cervical spondylitis. This recliner has new features, unlike ordinary office chairs. It gives numerous benefits to people with back pain.


  • Breathable mesh with pores for smooth air circulation

  • Adjustable height

  • Adequate lumbar support

  • Skin-friendly material that does not cause skin allergies

  • Heavy wheels for shifting the chairs

  • Good for shoulders


  • Lightweight office chair

  • Ideal for reading and working

  • Headrest  for resting at home and office

  • Easy to join the chair

  • Removes back fatigue

  • No knobs or latches for assembly


  • Wheels get damaged due to force

  • The recliner is not suitable for fat people

  • No color options

  • Limited warranty

Final words

These are some of the best chairs for people with back and neck pain. You can pick the Steelcase Gesture office chair. It has all the amazing features and is the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain.

Some frequently asked questions

1. Should I get a chair with neck support?

Generally, people do not use the head and neck support of the chair often. Even if you buy the chair with neck support, you will not need it daily. Most of the people sit with the help of muscle support. The chairs with neck support always do not keep your body erect. 

It is important to sit in the correct position rather than buying a chair with neck support. However, the chair with neck support can help people who want to enjoy long trips and journeys. This chair will give relaxation to the full body. 

2. How do I choose a chair for back pain?

People with back pain cannot sit on any kind of chair. They have to pick a special type of chair with back pain. With the increase in Covid-19 cases, the people are comfortable working from home. So, you must pick a chair with added comfort. 

The chair with an ergonomic design is good for people with back support. These chairs give support to the lower back. They include armrests and footrests. Besides, you can also adjust the position of the chair as per your comfort. Furthermore, the materials of these chairs are durable and do not rust easily with use. 

3. Is it better to have an office chair with or without arms?

Whether it is your home or office, the chair with an armrest is perfect for every place. The arms work for long hours and painful arms can make one feel tired. The chair with armrest gives relaxation to the painful arms. Besides, it also removes pain and fatigue from the body. 

People who have to sit in the office for more than 8 hours must pick the chair with an armrest. You can adjust the office chair according to your height and comfort. You can also work on PC and laptops comfortably sitting on this chair. Furthermore, it gives full-body relaxation.