8 Best laser pointers for presentations 2020

The presentation shows your powerful linguistic and communication skills. Unlike before, there is rising competition in the global market these days. Every company wants to be ahead in the race of the global market. The technology-driven techniques have become the necessities for the companies and firms. 

The large and small companies in the current period must hold presentations. They can display their products and services more precisely with the help of PowerPoint presentations. Since years, PowerPoint presentations have taken a special place in the companies. 

You can make your presentation more interesting with pointers. A pointer can explain every concept better and clear. If you want to hold the attention of your colleagues, you must choose the best laser pointer for presentations. Further, the pointer has several benefits. It can make the point easier to understand. Apart from that, you can point out small details on the pie charts or diagrams more effectively. 

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Now, it is important to choose the high-quality pointer for presentation. This article will highlight all the popular pointers for presentations that you can buy for office or home use. The list is as under: 

Best laser pointers for presentations to buy 2020

1. Satechi Aluminum Wireless Presenter Pointer Control 

Best laser pointers for presentations

If you want to make each presentation more memorable, you can choose this stylish pointer. It is one of the best laser pointers for presentations that you can buy for personal or professional uses. Having smart features, this pointer has an elegant space grey color that suits your personality. 

Further, this lightweight pointer is easy to carry during slideshows and PowerPoint presentations. It does not cause sweat or skin itchiness even if you have presentations for long hours.  

Features of the pointer 

  • You can get 3 colors in this pointer. 
  • It is designed from the finest quality aluminum. 
  • This pointer contains the feature of Bluetooth. 
  • It weighs only 81.6 g. 
  • This pointer is wireless and easy to use. 
  • You can charge this pointer with the help of a USB cable. 
  • It does not need expensive batteries. 

Benefits of using Satechi wireless pointer 

  • Easy to hold

You can easily hold this lightweight pointer in your hand. It does not put pressure on the fingers or hands during the presentation. Apart from that, it does not cause inconvenience to the body while explaining the concepts. 

  • Perfect for every place

This wireless device can be used in offices, banks, and educational institutions. It is compact in size and does not take much space. Furthermore, this device can show all the lessons and concepts better and clear. 

  • Rustproof material

Many pointers rust and corrode after long use. But this one has premium quality aluminum material. It does not rust or corrode due to moisture or continuous use. Besides that, it does not lose color or shine. 

  • Successful presentations 

You can get success in every office presentation with this presenter. It will help you to move forward and backward smoothly. Apart from that, it shows all the minute details with clarity and efficiency. 

2. Logitech Professional Presenter R800

pointers for presentations

If you want to make an excellent presentation, you must select this lightweight pointer. It is one of the amazing presenters for slideshows with LCD as well as Plasma displays. Further, the pointer comes with vibrating alerts and powerful controls. 

In addition to that, it has a plug and play operation during office presentations. Because of its small size, you can carry this pointer in a laptop bag or briefcase while going to the office. Apart from that, it has durable and premium quality materials. 

Features of the pointer 

  • Timer 

Unlike ordinary pointers, this presenter comes with the timer feature. You can set the time for a presentation with this timer. It also includes LCD to see the remaining time. Furthermore, it has a vibrator to notify you of ending the meeting. 

  • Long-lasting materials 

Packed with durable materials, this pointer does not rust or corrode even after many years. You can use it anywhere. 

  • Green laser 

Logitech pointer comes with a bright green colored laser. It will help you to show the pie charts and diagrams easily. Besides that, the laser will draw the attention of every person in the room. Furthermore, you can use this presenter in the dark or lit conference rooms. It can serve the purpose in the small room or even large halls. 

  • Simple operation 

This pointer has a plug and play operation to save time during slideshows. You need to connect the plug into the socket and use this presenter. Anyone can easily use this presenter within a few minutes. 

Advantages of the pointer 

  • This pointer can cover the range of more than 100 ft. 
  • It removes the hassles while explaining the pie charts, diagrams, and bar graphs. 
  • This presenter comes with a carrying case and battery power indicator. 
  • It helps you to do slideshows more effectively every time. 
  • You can gift this presenter to your office colleagues on birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. 

3. Doosl Upgraded Presentation Remote Clicker Green Light

Best pointers for presentations

Available in 2 elegant colors, this is an amazing PowerPoint presentation pointer. It is the best presentation pointer that you must buy for your projects. It contains green laser light to use in the dark or bright conference rooms. Apart from that, it can also show minute details from a long-range. 

Additionally, this pointer is very easy to operate. All you need to do is to plug it and start using it during office presentations. It can reach up to a range of 330 ft. You can show all the information in a better way using this tool. 

Features of the pointer 

  • This pointer contains premium quality aluminum that does not rust or corrode.
  • It contains a long-lasting 400mAh lithium battery. 
  • The silicone keypad gives relaxation to the wrist and hands. 
  • It charges faster than other pointers with the help of the USB cable. 
  • You can get 2 simple colors in this pointer. 

Advantages of using this pointer 

  • High range 

Ordinary pointers can reach only up to a limited range. But this presenter from Doosl brand goes beyond 300 feet. You can show the details from the range of 330 feet on the LCD projector. It makes the slideshows more interesting and interactive as well. 

  • Huge storage capacity 

You can save your important data in this pointer. It also contains a design that stores all the details properly without sending them in the wrong hands. 

  • Different functions 

This device comes with various functions to help you during presentations. You can move the pointer on any page or line with the help of functions. It can turn any page or help you to move on any paragraphs. 

  • Clear indicators 

The pointer shows you the levels of the battery. It then becomes easier to charge the battery when you see it empty on the screen. 

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4. Kensington Wireless Presenter (K33373US)

Best laser pointers for presentations

This is the best laser pointer for professionals. It can be used in companies, schools, colleges, and backs. Further, the ergonomic shape of the pointer does not cause pain in the hands. You can hold this presenter for a long time without any problem. 

You can control this pointer with the help of the fingers. It can easily work with different versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also save your projects and other information in this wireless pointer. It has a beautiful color to suit your personality. 

Key points of the product 

  • One-touch operation 

You get very little time during the presentation and slideshows. It is important to save time while doing the presentation. This pointer has easy operation with the fingers. You can save time and explain the concepts better in the presentations. 

  • Supports operating systems 

This pointer can work with different versions of Windows like 1, 8, 10, and others. It can also work with the Mac operating system. 

  • Modern technology 

Because of the latest technology, you can use this presenter without interference to explain the notes. Apart from that, it can easily cover the range of more than 60 feet. You can use this presenter to highlight important details and concepts. 

  • Four-button design 

You cannot afford to lose time during presentations by turning the pages or finding the paragraphs. This presenter comes with 4 buttons. They will help you to turn on the next page or show the paragraph or line. 

Advantages of the product 

  • It is perfect for any place. 
  • The high-quality material does not spoil even after long use. 
  • This pointer can come in laptop bags or any other bag.
  • It stores all the data so that you do not lose it anytime. 
  • The laser-free design helps you to use this tool anywhere. 
  • It is one of the safest tools to use anytime. 

5. Kensington K33374 Wireless Presenter with Red Laser Pointer

laser pointers for presentations

The next one on the list is the pointer from Kensington again. This is the modern laser pointer for PowerPoint presentations for employees. It has an ergonomic shape to give relaxation ad comfort while giving presentations. You can also control this presenter with the help of fingertip control. 

Further, the color of this pointer looks professional while carrying it to the seminar venues. You can also control the slideshows using the different buttons on this pointer. Moreover, it is an ideal tool for homes, offices, schools, banks, education institutions, and colleges.

Benefits of using the product  

  • It provides hassle-free performance with the help of advanced wireless technology. 
  • You can use this tool with different versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. 
  • It is lightweight and does not irritate the skin or hands. 
  • The powerful batteries can go on for many years without replacement. 
  • It can fit in the pockets, travel bags, laptops bags, or handbags. 
  • The different buttons on the presenter give you full control of your slideshows. 
  • It also contains the screen blackout option for showing details more precisely. 

Features of the pointer 

  • Red laser light 

The audience can understand the details clearly with the colors. This pointer comes with the red laser that can show the details on any page more efficiently. You can highlight the vital points and lines with this red laser. 

  • Compact size 

The long pointers often cause discomfort during presentations. You cannot handle those long pointers as they have more weight. But this pointer is small in the size and can fit in any bag or pocket. You can take it while going for office presentations or slideshows. 

  • Easy functions 

This presenter from Kensington has 4 buttons that help you to make your presentation successful. You can turn several pages with this presenter or highlight the paragraphs, lines, and headings. 

6. Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter



If you have regular office presentations, you can choose this pointer. It comes with a green and red laser to highlight the different paragraphs and lines. You can use this tool in offices, schools, colleges, or banks. 

The premium quality material of the presenter does not corrode or rust. Besides that, it is easy to carry this tool anywhere in your travel bags or laptops bags. 

Features of the product 

  • Simple controlling functions 

Whether you have a long 1-hour presentation or a short one, this presenter will serve the functions. It helps you to move from one page to another and highlight the important parts. 

  • Large memory 

It comes with the large memory storage to save your data and projects. Apart from that, it also saves all the information safely. 

  • Long-range 

This is the best laser pointer that works even from the long-range. You can easily explain the points from a range of more than 150 feet. Furthermore, it works in any small or large event hall and venue. 

  • Carrying case 

This pointer comes in a durable carrying case for convenience. You can take it in while going on business trips or tours. 

7. Doosl Wireless Presenter 


The next presenter on the list is from the brand Doosl. This is the professional laser pointer for your personal and professional life. It comes in 2 types for different presentations. Further, this tool runs perfectly with Windows, Vista, Mac, and Linux operating systems. 

In addition to that, the powerful Li-polymer battery of 600mAh can go for many hours. You don’t have to charge the battery in the middle of the presentation. 

Benefits of the product 

  • LED screen

The pointer comes with a precise LED screen to see the remaining presentation time and level of the battery. It has green colors to see the details at night. Furthermore, you can use this tool on projectors, LED screens, and TV. 

  • Easy to hold the pointer 

This tool is lightweight and comes with a smooth grip to hold it comfortably in the hand. It does not cause skin irritation or discomfort even after many hours. 

  • Works from a long-range

You can use this presentation tool even from a long distance. It covers a range of more than 300 ft. It means that you can use this presenter in the large conference halls and venues. 

8. Red Star Tec Wireless Powerpoint


The last pointer on the list is from the brand Red Star. It is available in 2 bold colors for professional use. This wireless device can make every presentation more interactive and interesting. 

Further, the pointer can work from the range of more than 50 feet. It helps you to manage all your office presentations effectively. 

Features of the product 

  • Beautiful functions 

This product comes with various functions. They include page up, page down, power button, and others. It gives you an accurate idea of how to move to the next slide or page during the slideshows and presentations. Moreover, it removes the confusion of the audience and enhances communication skills. 

  • Built-in receiver 

The pointer includes a receiver to decrease the chances of losing the receiver. It will further help you anytime to do office presentations comfortably. 

  • Works with PCs and laptops 

You can use this lightweight and small pointer with both laptops and PCs. Apart from that; it also works with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. 

  • Hassle-free presentations 

With the help of modern technology, you can explain all the lines and paragraphs precisely. Besides that, the audience can understand the concepts better every minute. Furthermore, this tool will help you to improve your communication skills.  

Final words 

These are the best laser pointers for professional use. You can pick the best presentation laser pointer from the above list. These pointers are lightweight and contain durable materials that do not rust or corrode even after long use. 

Additionally, these pointers can reach up to a long-range. They are the most necessary tools that every employee must have in his/her bag.