10 Best drywall anchors for heavy items – Buyer’s Guide

Small homeowners often face the lack of space especially when they to enhance the interiors. The wall arts, paintings or hanging show pieces all need proper support on the wall or ceiling. The simple nail or screw might not work for a long period of time. It may cause damage to your art pieces or paintings.

Apart from holding artworks, these drywall anchors also act as supports for shelves. You can mount these anchors on the walls and build shelves. If you have little confusion in purchasing the drywall anchors, you can look at the list below. It states the best drywall anchors you can purchase for your home in 2020.

Best drywall anchors for heavy items 2020

1. Toggler Snaptoggle BA toggle anchor

Best drywall anchors for heavy items

This is a good quality drywall anchor to hang heavy items like artworks and paintings on walls. It has an amazing design with long plastic straps. Further, this drywall anchor will not break easily even if you hang some heavy objects on it. You can comfortably install this drywall anchor on the wall.

You have to make a hole in the wall using the drilling machine and then put the anchor in it. There is also a plastic cap that protects the anchor. Furthermore, this drywall anchor is perfect to install on any type of wall.

The solid body of anchor makes sit perfect to use in any type of climatic condition. It is durable as well as rust-resistant. You can easily rotate it on all sides. The anchor comes with UNC bolts for different purposes. Anyone can install this drywall anchor in any easy manner.

2. The Hillman Group Toggle Bolt

Best drywall anchors

If you want a solid drywall anchor for your walls, you can pick this one. It is one of the best drywall anchors for heavy items like pictures, artworks, shelves, and paintings. You can install this anchor in the wall by using a simple drilling machine.

Further, you can use this anchor in any climate. It can hold the weight of heavy objects and does not break as well. Besides that, it comes with spring wings for simple installation. The anchor is comfortable to install by anyone without professional guidance or help.

This drywall anchor does not get rust or corrosion. It does not damage due to water or sunrays too. You can give a new look to the empty walls of your homes, offices, shops or other places by installing this anchor. It is suitable for all types of walls and penetrates in an effective way.

3. Screw-it self-drilling anchor

drywall anchors for heavy items

Cheap drywall anchors will remove from the walls after some months. They break your expensive art pieces or paintings. You can now improve the appearance of your walls by installing this anchor on the walls. Further, this drywall anchor is perfect to use in any weather.

It provides good support on the wall to hang paintings and wooden showpieces. Besides that, this drywall anchor will not break even if you put some heavy items on it. The installation of this drywall anchor is very easy and you can do it with the help of a drilling machine.

The drywall anchor comes with a plastic box so that you can store it in the right way. It can hold a maximum weight of 50 lbs. In addition to that, this drywall anchor is affordable in price. You can also install shelves on this anchor.

4. Toggler SnapSkru

Best drywall anchors for heavy items

The next on the list is the drywall anchor from Toggler brand. It is one of the best drywall anchors for towel bars that you put in bathrooms. Besides that, you can attach this anchor in drawing rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, and saunas. It can easily hold the weight of heavy items.

You can fix this drywall anchor for hanging paintings, wall arts, flower pots, and lanterns. It will help you to decorate your homes during festivals and special occasions. This drywall anchor works on all kinds of walls. It does not get corrosion or rust in any type of weather.

In addition to that, this anchor will remain in a stable position even after many years. You can enjoy changing the paintings and wall arts every now and then with the help of this drywall anchor. It is one of the amazing tools for home or office décor.

5. Qualihome Plastic self-drill anchors


This is the most useful kit you can purchase for creating a beautiful wall. It contains 100 pieces so that you can install shelves and drawers on the wall. These drywall anchors can hold the thickest boards and wall arts. Besides that, the anchors contain rich quality plastic that does not remove in summer, winter or heavy monsoons.

The anchors come with strong ribs. These ribs help the anchors to stay in a stable place on the walls. They can easily penetrate into thin or thick walls or other types of doors. The strongbox will help to store all the anchors in a safe way.

There is no need to take professional training to fix these anchors in the walls or doors. Besides that, you do not need any drilling machine to make the hole in the wall to fix these drywall anchors.

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6. ARROW 160455 Drywall anchor


You can now put family photos and large paintings on the walls of your homes by using these anchors. This is one of the best wall anchors for drywall you can purchase for hanging paintings, wall arts and photo frames. It can also hold the weight of heavy items such as TV and speakers.

The small kit helps you to store all the anchors and other screws in a nice manner. You can also carry this kit while going for family trips and picnics. It can easily come in a handbag, suitcases or backpack.

You can hang some light artworks by fixing these anchors on the walls. All you need to do is to make a hole in the wall or wooden door with a drilling machine to install these anchors. One of the major benefits of using these drywall anchors is that they do not turn down during the installation process.

7. WallClaw drywall anchors


The next on the list is a drywall anchor from the Wallclaw brand. It is an important thing you can keep in your homes or offices for urgent tasks. These anchors have a solid body and can hold the weight of items such as TV, paintings, lamps, and artworks. They remain in a stable position in the doors or walls.

Further, you can hang other items such as mirrors, clocks, and boards by installing these drywall anchors. They do not leave bad marks on the walls or doors like other drywall anchors. You don’t even need to purchase a drilling machine to fix these drywall anchors in the walls.

These anchors are more cost-effective than other drywall anchors. You don’t have to pay money to the carpenters every time to hang pictures and photo frames. It is an affordable way to purchase these anchors and create stunning artwork in the home.

8. Vigrue Plastic ribbed anchors


This kit contains 10 different types of drywall anchors. You can use them to hang pictures, photo frames, TV, shelves and other things from the walls. Since these anchors are self-drilling ones, you do not need technicians or carpenters to fix them.

The rich quality plastic of the anchors protects from moisture, sunrays, dust or pollutants. They remain in good condition in any weather. Further, the kit contains many stainless steel screws to do little tasks in the home. You can take this kit while going camping, picnics or family trips.

One of the biggest advantages of buying this kit is that you can enjoy long term relaxation. Whether it the task of a hanging photo frame or wall art, you can do it anytime by using these drywall anchors. They can also hold the weight of heavy mirrors and lamps. You can use them for office use as well.

9. Hilitchi zinc self –drilling anchors


If you love putting paintings, mirrors, artworks, showpieces or other items on the walls, you can purchase this kit. It contains high-quality zinc drywall anchors that can hold the weight of heavy objects like TV and paintings and even gypsum boards.

Further, the installation and removal of these anchors are very easy. Anyone can fix these anchors without professional help. Besides that, they come in a compact case that you can carry while going for trips and picnics. This kit is lightweight and you can keep in it any travel bag or backpack.

The kit also comes with small screws that you can use to fix tiny objects. It is a one-time investment you can do to hang heavy and light objects on any type of door or wall. They are solid and resistant to water as well as sunrays. They can even resist dust and pollutants.

10. Winglts master drywall anchors


This is one of the best drywall anchors for mounting TV you can choose for your homes. You can easily fix this anchor in the wall with the help of a cordless drill. You do not need to call any professional or technicians to install these drywall anchors. Further, these tools can carry the weight of lamps, paintings, artworks, and photo frames.

The high-quality material will help to enjoy the advantages of the anchors for a long time. You have to only install them once and enjoy forever. These drywall anchors will keep the heavy or light objects in a stable position.

These drywall anchors are more affordable than other drywall anchors. They do not break or turn down during the process of installation. Apart from that, these anchors penetrate through any type of wall. They are durable and you can do various tasks by fixing them in the walls or doors.

Commonly asked questions on best drywall anchors 

1. What are the best anchors for drywall?

Ans: If you want the best anchors for drywall, you can either go for Hillman Group or Toggler brands. These brands manufacture the drywall anchors perfect for hanging solid objects such as TV, wall arts and paintings. Besides that, they do not spoil in any climatic condition.

The drywall anchors of Toggler or Hillman Group do not break even if you put them in one place for a long time. You can easily install these drywall anchors on the wall without calling professional technicians. These anchors can resist rust, corrosion, water, sun rays, moisture, and dust.

2. What is the best way to remove drywall anchors after removing a shelf?

Ans: Many people ask this question as they find it difficult to remove the anchor after removing a shelf from the wall. First, you need to take a screwdriver with a flat blade. The head of the screwdriver should be bigger than the hole of the anchor. Then you need to take a hammer and hit on the end of the anchor. You have to hit till the anchor comes out of the wall.

Some heavy anchors take time to come out of the wall. This method will help you remove both large and small drywall anchors within some minutes.

3: What is the best way to remove drywall anchors?

There are 3 methods to remove drywall anchors. They are as under:

1. Pull the anchor
You can take a plier and simply pull the drywall anchor from its head. This method can easily remove the small anchors.

2. Use a screwdriver
The next method to remove drywall anchors is by using a screwdriver. You can take a screwdriver with a broad mouth and tap the anchor until it falls on the floor.

3. Cutting method
You can also cut the collar of the anchor with a drill having a cutting wheel. Besides that, you can use a sharp knife to cut the collar of the anchor.


This is the list of the best drywall anchors for hanging heavy things. They are affordable as well as durable.