Best Drain Cleaner Reviews of 2021

As we humans have evolved over the years, we have started living in buildings with four walls ( I wonder how early humans lived in the forests or on trees). 

Some of these buildings are very small and have only one room. Some of these might be mind-blowingly huge. Whatever the size of the building, whether it is small or big, I believe that just like the heart in our amazing bodies that pumps all the blood and keeps us running, the heart or the centre of all the buildings are the drains.

Or actually, I should compare them with the veins and arteries in our body. If there is any blockage anywhere, you and I are in some serious trouble.

It does not matter if that building is your home, office, school, college or whatever. It is when problems begin in the drainage system; the building starts dying a slow and painful death. 

Now you listen to me. It is your duty as a person residing in that building to make sure the building lives well. Don’t you believe me? Well, then let me give you a glimpse of the zillion problems that you will have to face if you are not cautious. 

Where do I begin? Let me start with a riddle( this is the first one, so I will keep it extremely simple).

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When you hear that irritating alarm of yours in the morning and you get out of the comfort of your warm, cosy and lovely bed, what is the first space in your house that you enter?

Yes! It is the bathroom. Imagine waking up one day to a horrible smell in your washroom. And guess what will be the source of this weird smell? 

The drain!

Are you aware of how the basic plumbing system in your bathroom works? Have you ever peeked under the bathroom sink and noticed a U-shaped pipe that runs from the drain to a larger wastewater pipe? One end of this pipe runs down to the sewer, and the other side goes up to the roof. In this manner, fresh air enters( if there is still any truly ‘fresh’ air left in polluted cities) and stinky sewer gases get lost in the atmosphere.

Anyways this is the basic structure of the plumbing system. Why I mentioned, all of this is because you need to know that if there is any problem here, in the bathroom, your entire day will be compromised. And, imagine if the problem gets even worse and you cannot also open the washroom door when you are already getting late for work. Or imagine guests coming to your house and then think about how ashamed and embarrassed you will be when they find the washroom in this state.

And this is just the washroom. I have not even started with another significant space-the kitchen.

Food: Food occupies the top spot in the list of those few things that I definitely can’t survive without in this world. And you? Can you survive without food? I am pretty sure you need it too. It is no secret that the food you eat needs to be clean and healthy. But, there is this one living thing in that very kitchen where your food gets prepared which does not let that happen. 

Do you want a hint? Do you remember an advertisement from not long ago where a mother is very distressed because her child is always sick? Then a person appears out of thin air and says the problem is none other than ‘cockroach’.

Cockroaches are one of those creatures that I hate from the bottom of my heart( you never know when they will fly and land on you). These creatures will spoil your food, do catwalk on your utensils if you don’t clean the sink and drain regularly.

Roaches can cause asthma, allergies, typhoid, gastroenteritis, and dysentery that can lead to severe diarrhoea. You need to keep your sink and drain clean.

Another problem can be clogged pipes because of food pieces that get stuck down there.

Whatever the issue, the conclusion is the same. When it comes to the drains in any building, they should be clean.

My father always says that the first step you should take while solving a problem is admitting the problem does exist. Now, that you have accepted the fact that the problem exists, the next step is finding the way forward. 

How? How can you keep your drains clean?

You know life is not always about hard work. You need to believe in smart work. There is no use of emptying buckets of water (especially with the water crisis going on in different parts of the world) or cleaning the entire day if the drain cleaner you are using is not efficient. There is no point if the cleaner only has a pleasant odour and does not clean properly. Also, it should not be so intense or acidic that the material of the drain gets affected, leading to other problems.

Which will be the best drain cleaner then?

Don’t worry and get confused, seeing all the different websites giving you different answers. I will make your life simpler. 

I am presenting the list of the best drain cleaners of 2019. So, keep your eyes open and slowly process what I am telling you in straightforward language.

List of Best Drain Cleaners 2020


best drain cleaner

Drano Max Clog Remover is one of the best drain cleaners I have found so far. Drano Max Gel is a multi-tasked drain cleaner. You can use it in almost all drain types including sink, garbage disposals, and kitchen. Also, you can use it for all kinds of pipes in both commercial and residential areas.

The ingredients included in this clog remover are Sodium silicate, Sodium hydroxide, surfactant blend, water and active enzymes that will break down all drain clogs with ease. Furthermore, this cleaner helps in unclogging even complete drain blockages such as kitchen clogs and hair-clogs even in shower drains. This one is a fighter and the best liquid drain cleaner.

  • Time efficient.
  • Budget-friendly cleaner.
  • Safe for the user.
  • Will protect metal surfaces corrosion and rust.
  • You might have problems in measuring the correct amount.
  • Can melt downpipe if not used in the right amount( you need to be careful; otherwise, you will end up attracting more trouble).


best drain unclogger
Thrift, a product manufactured in Texas, is my top choice among the
best drain cleaners. Drains, grease traps, and sewage or septic systems are some of the places where this product has demonstrated its cleaning might. This cleaner works very fast. It can clear out drains in just 60 seconds (remember time is money).

Thrift T-600 contains sodium hydroxide crystals (not an acid) that will react with the greases and fats in the clogged drain along with water, leading to the formation of soap (reminded of high school chemical reactions?). 

Also, Thrift T-600  promotes the growth of active bacteria in your septic tank ( the right type of bacteria is pretty, you know). 

Thrift T-600 works effectively on most clogs, is eco-friendly and non-toxic to drain pipes and is the best chemical drain cleaner.

  • Quick action time – under 60 seconds.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Cost effective/ practical.
  • Does not destroy the drain construction, whether that is metal or PVC pipes.
  • Not Suitable for toilet bowls.
  • Corrosive to your hands and body (be sure to use proper gear while handling this drain cleaner).


drain cleaner for home and officeThis product has proved itself to be quite reliable at cleaning drains. Its application involves pouring the product down the toilet and then flushing it. The advanced enzymes in the product begin to breakdown the waste immediately, which unclogs the drains (the two armies clash, and our drain cleaner wins the battle). 

The cleaner contains natural bacteria and enzymes ( inspired by nature). The enzyme drain cleaner is mainly made up of Amylase, Lipase, and cellulase( I suddenly want to eat Lays). The Amylase will eat away the starch that is clogging the drain. Then, the Lipase will break down oils, fats, and greases. And then last but not least, Cellulase will eat away any vegetables, food and all papers causing the drain clog ( great teamwork there).

The cleaner is safe to use in different drain pipes and construction materials as it does not contain any harmful chemicals and will quickly clear all the useless content out of the way.

  • Safe on drain pipes.
  • Quick action on the drain clogs.
  • Not corrosive to your hands and body (Yes! Money you would have used for gear can now be used for good food).
  • Ease of use while cleaning drains and septic systems.
  • The high cost ( maybe you will have to leave the right food out).
  • Not very useful for entirely blocked drains.

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best drain opener for home

If your bathroom tub drain has always been a problem, then the Pequa drain opener, manufactured in PRC( that is China, by the way, I was testing your GK) in my opinion is your best option. This product is also one of the best bathtub drain cleaners.

The Pequa Drain Opener is a highly-rated product that can be used both for commercial and residential purposes.

It can dissolve all organic matter, including hair and grease. This drain opener is fast-acting, but it is environmentally safe and will not cause any damage to your pipes.

  • A great value.
  • It is highly durable and easy to use.
  • Does not  harm pipes.
  • Can also work in hard water( bonus point for people living in highly industrialised areas).
  • Needs a long time to show the result ( it actually works like a snail but also wins the race in the end).
  • You need to be cautious as well because it can be harmful to the skin.


best drain cleaner reviews

Now, let me focus on the kitchen drain. Is your kitchen sink not draining properly?

Well, then you must take my advice, and you must try Invade Bio Drain Gel. This gel not only fights clogs but eradicate drain flies(phew!) in the process.

Invade Bio Drain gel can be safe and can thus be applied directly to the drains. It has no harsh chemicals or weird smells and is not harmful or even dangerous when used for routine drain cleaning tasks. The drain opener effectively cuts through scum and other organic matter, sticking to the walls of the drain and removes tough clogs. You can use this particular drain cleaner along with other drains cleaning products like power sprayers, hose-end sprayers and mopping applications.

In addition to all of the mentioned advantages, this product will also eliminate drain flies ( flies in the kitchen are a sure menace), which can be tough to get rid of in the kitchen or bathroom leaving a pleasant orange fragrance behind.

  • Smells very nice.
  • Not harmful for pipes.
  • Non-corrosive to body parts.
  • Has a very sticky consistency ( if not used in the right amount can create more problems).


bio drain cleaner for home and office

In case your drain is clogged, and you want to use a cleaner that does not contain any hazardous artificial chemicals, Bio-clean Drain will solve your problem( you can easily order it from Amazon). 

Bio-clean Drain is a 100 per cent natural product for your drain.

This drain cleaner consists of natural bacteria and enzymes that digest dead organic waste ( what an interesting choice) found in your plumbing and effectively help to clear drains.

An exceptional ability that makes it one of the best drain cleaners is that it consumes the waste in the drainage pipes in all directions.

Unlike other chemical cleaners, Bio-Clean does not produce any heat or fumes. Hence, this product is entirely safe for people, septic tanks, plumbing systems and also for our environment (which needs to be protected at all cost today).

  • Very safe to use.
  • Works in all kind of pipes.
  • Gets easily activated in water.
  • As it is in powder form, need to mix well for an effective result.


Green gobbler drain cleaner review
All though green gobbler clog remover is on the seventh position in my list this
drain cleaner which is an enzymatic cleaner is very active on both grease as well as hair clogs.

This drain cleaner is very much similar to Drano Max Gel (the first drain cleaner I mentioned). It is denser than water, and thus it sinks to the bottom of the standing water and eats up all the components that create clogs in your drainage system.

You can use this drain cleaner for unblocking any clogs in the main drain, kitchen sink, toilet, and remove hair clog from shower drains, etc. Also, you can use the Green Gobbler in all kinds of pipelines.

  • Right consistency ( denser than water).
  • Cost-effective.
  • Dual chambered, hence easy to measure.
  • Works very fast.
  • Safe for humans or plumbing works.
  • Not very useful on complete blockage of the drain.

earth enzyme drain cleaner

Earth Enzymes drain opener ( a product of the USA) also works in an eco-friendly way because this drain cleaner does not have phosphate, acid, or other toxic chemicals. This drain cleaner contains healthy and safe enzymes that eat any organic waste present inside your pipelines and helps to keep your drain free from clotting.

This product gives very high performance by turning solid waste into a liquid for maximum drain efficiency.

To use this incredible eco-friendly drain cleaner, you need to dilute two cups of Earth Enzymes in two quarts (a quart is not the name of some insect, but it is a unit used to measure liquid capacity) of warm water and pour it down the clogged drain and leave it for 24 hours.

  • Keeps drain flies away.
  • Don’t have harmful chemicals.
  • Non-corrosive for humans, septic tanks.
  • Doesn’t create any pollution.
  • If not followed the instructions, may cause more clotting( be very patient while using this).


Pure lye drain opener is a compound with substantial efficiency to open a clotted drain.  It works like magic when it comes to clearing drains of any waste and blockages, but yet it is biodegradable, non-acidic, and even odourless.

You can use this product on any material; whether it is beautiful fixtures or plastic or metal pipes, it is safe for all kinds.

This drain cleaner has industrial strength and non-acid properties; hence, Pure Lye can clean septic systems and blocked drains, without causing harm to septic tanks. It also creates healthy bacteria inside septic tanks.

I will highly recommend this for homes, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, cafeterias, and restaurants because it does not produce any fumes or unpleasant odour.

  • Environment friendly.
  • Non acidic in nature.
  • Odourless drain cleaner.
  • It not handled carefully can cause eye and skin irritation.


K-570 Main Line Cleaner is a very powerful and useful and again among the best drain cleaners that can be used in various plumbing systems to remove stubborn clogs with its concentrated formula. 

This product clears different types of accumulated material and swiftly restores correct flow, ensures that your main drainage lines are problem free.

It is ideal for toilets with a slow flow and digest fats, paper, and grease in main sewage lines. K-570 is very easy to use and also certified biodegradable.

  • Environment-friendly.
  • Works on slow flowing toilets.
  • Very useful on both sewer and septic tanks.
  • Digests all kinds of grease, paper, and fats from main sewage lines.
  • Safe for all types of pipes.
  • Needs a long time to show the result for long pipes.
  • Not cheap at all.

Okay! I am aware that I have loaded you with a lot of information so take a deep breath and relax for a moment.

I will give you a concise summary in case you are unable to conclude.

Here I go!

1. Drano Max Clog Remover will save time and money but may harm the drainage system. Though this still is one of the best liquid drain cleaners.

2. Thrift MARKETING GIDDS-TY-0400879 Drain Cleaner will save your money and time. Will not harm the system but harmful for your skin. 

3. RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment Powder is easy to use, will save your time, is not harmful to the pipes or your skin but will be costly.

4. PEQUA INDUSTRIES P-10264 64 oz Pequa Drain Opener is easy to use, saves money, not harmful for pipes and can also work effectively in hard water. But, it takes time and may harm your skin.

5. Invade Bio Drain Gel is fragrant, not harmful for the pipes or your body but is a little sticky.

6. Bio-clean Drain Bacteria is safe to use and gets easily activated in water, but you need to mix it well.

7. Green Gobbler Dissolve Grease Clog Remover/Drain Opener is safe, time and money efficient and easy to measure but may fail to remove the entire blockage.

8. Earth Enzymes Drain Opener is safe for humans as well as the environment and contains no harmful chemicals. Needs to be used cautiously.

9. Pure Lye Drain Opener (Comstar 30-500) is odourless and safe for the environment but may cause eye and skin irritation.

10. Roebic K-570-Q-4 Leach and Drain Field Opener Concentrate is safe but costly and needs time to work.

How Drain cleaner works?

Now, since I have given a summarised idea about all drain cleaners, you can easily decide which ones to pick. I have given all details related to each drain cleaner, and I hope you find this article helpful.