10 Best DJ Speakers for House Parties 2021 – Buying Guide

Everyone across the globe will prefer to get some eccentric tunes along with their friends. Music, the most important and unifying force to make your way wonderful and also bring people together. While getting into the stunning house party, the highest priority should be the music you are going to play. Music will offer the best atmosphere and create a tone to impress the guest’s emotions than anything else. 

To showcase your best tunes, it is important to utilize the best DJ speakers for house parties for blasting the night party beats. You may require the best DJ speakers in numerous scenarios. Users can utilize different party speaker types based on beach parties, pool parties, house parties, and others. For different purposes, you can choose to utilize a particular speaker type. You can also find stationary speakers, portable speakers, small venue speakers, and outdoor party speakers.

Best DJ Speakers for House Parties 2020

Sony High Power GTKXB90 Bluetooth DJ Speaker Check Price
Proreck Party 12-inch Portable PA Speaker Check Price
Yamaha DBR10 Powered DJ Speakers Check Price
Pyle Wireless Active PSUFM1035A PA Speaker System  Check Price
Sony High-Power GTK XB7BX Bluetooth Home Audio Check Price
Sony MHC-V21 High Power & Bluetooth Audio System  Check Price

Find below the list of the best DJ Speakers 2020 for House parties available across the online marketplace for your reference:

1. Sony High Power GTKXB90 Bluetooth DJ Speaker

Best DJ Speakers for House Parties

Sony offers the best range from its GTK Extra Bass with the new model XB90, a more powerful and bigger version. It has a longer playtime for each charge and able to manage up to a maximum of 16 hours. As a warning, you may get only 3.5 hours playing time while running the device with its maximum volume. Users can utilize this device for outdoors or house parties to light up the evening parties. The punchy & deep low range is produced for everyone using the Extra Bass technology. You can easily & quickly move or pick up the speaker using the easy lift embedded handle.

The digital amplifier includes RMS output with 180 Watt, two 18cm woofers, three 6cm tweeters, and five drivers. Available connectivity options are USB plug & play, Mic input, NFC, and Bluetooth. The Strobe & LED light will create an exceptional party atmosphere along with party chain, change beats, and infinity mirror options. It allows connecting up to a maximum of 10 devices with Extra bass for lighting & synchronized sound. This device will weigh around 14kg. The free companion apps will assist to control the lighting effects, samplers, DJ effects, EQ, sound settings, and playlist. 


  • It includes an input for Microphone support
  • Also, included with USB port
  • Lights Up.
  • Battery life extended for 16 hour
  • Extra Bass


  • Poor Sound Quality

2. Proreck Party 12-inch Portable PA Speaker

best party speakers with bass


This Proreck Party DJ speaker will impress the people on its feet with the capability of sound production with 600 watts. The 2-way design of its 12-inch DJ speaker will enhance efficiency and maximum performance. This is a portable speaker because of its good range and power. It is not a problem for anyone to carry or shift from one place to another location.

The supporting stand from its elevated position along with digital LCD screen to showcase the volume or control functions. The Bluetooth functionality is considered to play music from any sort of Bluetooth device. They are Netbooks, laptops, smartwatches, tablets, or phones through the speaker system. Other exceptional features of this DJ speaker include remote control, FM Radio, USB, and SD Card reader.

RCA Input and Output (Line Inputs and Outputs) – Make use of the RCA input for connecting the entire audio sources like computer, laptop, MP3 player, CD player, DVD, & TV. It is also possible to connect the recorder, amplifier, or mixer to the RCA output.

XLR (6.35mm) Connector with Two Microphone Inputs – It is suitable for a family to utilize the two available microphone inputs. Two different microphones are allowed for connection. For connection, it is possible to select either 6.35mm or XLR connector cable.

FM Radio – Within a few seconds, you can tune music stations or listen to any live sports or get the latest news.

SD Card or USB Input – Just connect & instantly play your favorite songs from SD cards or USB. They offer 4 different playing modes like Folder Repeat All, Random, Repeat One, and Repeat All. Based on different events, you can choose your preferred playback mode.

In-built Bluetooth – You can connect any Bluetooth-enabled devices like Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones conveniently without utilizing the cables.


  • It includes a Card reader, USB, FM, & Bluetooth
  • Decent Sound
  • Highly affordable pricing
  • It includes Wires & Mic, two-wheeled speakers, & a set of stands.


  • Not powerful Bass

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3. Yamaha DBR10 Powered DJ Speakers

large bluetooth party speaker

The Yamaha DBR10 DJ speaker will offer affordable pricing along with the good quality. This is an inexpensive DJ speaker when compared with the various high-end brands like Yamaha, etc. It is a Bi-amped 10-inch speaker that can offer pure digital power with the help of 700 watts power. The plastic cabinet is conveniently packed to provide portability and signature of DBR. It is not a hassle for carrying this DJ speaker while walking for a few blocks.

When compared to various DBR series speakers, they include floor mounting with a 50-degree angle for sound output assurance. It is also a lightweight product and weighs around 31 pounds. If you are restricted with a limited budget then you can choose this quality speaker for your house parties. The in-built mixer will offer two different input combinations for handling TRS or XLR connectors. The Stereo RCA input is added to one of the inputs for playing like a portable music player.

The DBR10 DJ speaker will work with the following options:

  • Each task is performed with remarkable clarity & volume.
  • A musical instrument amplifier.
  • An amplifier to work for your tunes.
  • PA for speeches or presentations.

The digital signal processing will offer the 2-way contour for switching with speaker optimization for monitor use or front-of-house. The high-pass 2-position filter will cut-down the bass for utilizing a subwoofer or for speech applications. The other DBR10s can be daisy-chained with the speaker by using the XLR output. The signals can pass-through the combination of channels 1 & 2 or only from channel 1.


  • In-build Mixer
  • Warm Sound
  • Good Support
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Surprisingly loud


  • Mic input does not include Phantom power

4. Pyle Wireless Active PSUFM1035A PA Speaker System 

professional party speakers

The Pyle PSUFM1035A has a 2-way speaker system and also equipped with the DJ flashing lights to stun the parties. A loud sound can be produced with its ability to hear your favorite songs or tracks with much better sound. The in-built Bluetooth Technology will allow the users to play their preferred songs instantly. Without any wires, they can hear songs even on internet services like Pandora, Spotify, and many more. This DJ speaker will work with every MP3 player by using the 3.5mm aux line input. Users are grabbed with the first attention of its light settings.

This active speaker system is also referred to as a Disco Jam Speaker system because of its own house party lights. The Bluetooth connection will offer other connectivity options like a USB port, SD Card slot, & 3.5mm aux port. This Pyle speaker system has enough room and a floor-standing speaker for doing EQing and connecting your mic input. However, make a note that your EQ speaker setting will affect the entire items connected with the system.

Sound Quality

To create a poppy party, it is essential to utilize the speakers that include numerous basses by getting the Pyle PSUFM1035A speaker. The frequency response may vary from 20Hz up to a maximum of 20 kHz to clearly hear the sub-bass sounds. Ensure that it should not happen by using the equalizer. Make use of the EQ settings for adjusting or customizing the original sound to fulfill your taste.

You can utilize the EQ control with low-frequency for matching the lack of sound in the pumping or punchy bass. This DJ speaker along with 10” woofer will create the best punchy bass with priority. Moreover, the crossover frequency of this speaker system is 3.2 kHz. 


  • Your speaker is added with colors by using the party lights
  • It is much easier to reduce the cables by utilizing the Bluetooth connectivity
  • For smaller parties, this is an ideal choice to move it easier


  • Only RCA ports are used for connecting other speakers
  • Gain level light but need to improve the brightness

5. Sony High-Power GTK XB7BX Bluetooth Home Audio System

best speakers for outdoor events

The best party or DJ speaker should look good and as well as sound great. Sony’s GTK XB7BC is another perfect speaker to balance both performance and style. If you utilize it horizontally or vertically, this powerful party speaker can use five total drivers to produce high fidelity. The strategically positioned three tweeters will engage the correct one based on the orientation of the speaker.

Irrespective of the speaker’s position, the GTK XB7BC speaker will include dual woofers for providing the balanced bass. The powerful boost will assist to play your preferred party music. Even the speaker’s design is exceptional when compared with other models. If it is vertically placed then the speaker’s height will be 16.5” x 33” x 17.5”. The speaker will weight around 25 pounds and much easier to carry using the handle. The hefty construction of this speaker will impress the users.

Sony GTK XB7BC speaker will allow you to control the entire LED colored strip across the edges of your speaker. Two different color lights will brighten the woofers and also either end is available with two bright white lights. It can offer the best option when compared with mood lighting. Make use of the SongPal app to control the entire features like equalization, LED colors, etc.


  • Extra Bass mode
  • Placement options
  • Stereo pair & daisy-chaining options
  • Drop-free & reliable Bluetooth performance
  • Engaging & punchy audio


  • Needs AC Outlet
  • Expensive product

6. Sony MHC-V21 High Power & Bluetooth Audio System 

 speakers for house party

The MHC-V21 is another smallest and also high-power audio system from Sony. It includes various features such as club-like LED lighting, FM radio, DVD player, and an in-built CD player. They also offer connectivity options like USB connectivity, NFC, and Bluetooth options. Apart from that, it includes the Karaoke feature for singing the song during your house party. Make use of HDMI output for connecting the TV screen to pop your preferred karaoke DVD.

It is also possible to watch or view your favorite sports, TV shows, or movies. Signature Mega Bass from Sony will provide the deep bass response from its speakers. If not, make use of the Wireless Party Chain feature for adding more speakers. Sony offers the most versatile and reliable speaker product for its users. Another best party speaker for listening to casually to music at home. Make use of the two different XLR Mic inputs for connecting mics to command a room or sing karaoke.

Numerous speakers can be connected to get more corner sound across the house party using the Party Chain Connectivity feature. The Fiestable app will allow you for EQ controls & music to make it really intuitive and easy to use. You can connect a maximum of three devices using the multi-device connection feature. Without any problem, you can move around this speaker by using its portability handle.


  • It includes the XLR inputs for access
  • Multi-device are supported
  • Intuitive and excellent app
  • Strong sound
  • Portable & Affordable pricing


  • Remote control will work only straight to the display screen

DJ House Party Speaker – Buying Guide

Compatibility – If the house party is all set and even the brand new speakers are also connected to the system to start-up. However for some reason, if the sound system (device) or the speakers are not compatible. It is not possible to get a quick fix to resolve the entire new sound system at your last minute. Ensure that the speaker is compatible and strong enough connectivity with your device. This will safeguard you from numerous unwanted stress or headaches.

Power – For any home-based equipment, it is suitable to get the DJ speaker with 400 watts power. However to utilize at a larger venue, then you may opt for a better solution. Based on a rough calculation, it is a wise option to choose the DJ speaker with 1,000 watts power.

Frequency Range – There are numerous range frequencies of DJ speakers available across the online marketplace. They can easily reproduce the entire sounds available within the playing music or track. It should include both higher frequencies for tweeters and lower frequencies for a low-range woofer.

High Frequencies – The higher frequencies of any good DJ speaker will offer clear and crisp sound. Speaker should play with high frequencies to automatically offer proper audibility and clarity.

Active or Passive Speakers – Active speakers will include everything within the system and never require an amplifier to use. It is difficult to adjust the controls since it is located within the speakers. However, Passive speakers will require an amplifier as an affordable option for generating powerful sound.

Budget – While considering the entire DJ speaker’s features, it is also important to consider the budget. When compared to the basic ones, you can find numerous premium options to get the affordable pricing one. Choose an ideal option that fits within your budget.

Portability & Built-in Battery – A few DJ speakers will provide a trolley for easily moving around the location. When compared to the tethered speaker, this one can offer the best portability level to users. The in-built battery will help the party to move on with full enjoyment without using a power outlet.

Connectivity – While numerous people around, it is essential to utilize various connectivity features to offer the best music playing. Most of the DJ speakers will commonly provide the connection for Aux input, USB, and Bluetooth. A few of them may offer Mic input with karaoke features and even support for DVD players & SD cards.

Sound Quality – The most important feature to your consider while purchasing the best DJ speaker is its sound quality. Your house parting speaker should be well-suited for pop songs with loud and sound quality. Your party can be pumping while adding the base to your DJ speaker or music system. Ensure that even at high-level volumes, you should never experience any distortion.


House parties are a special excitement while hearing the best music at the night entertainment. To get the successful house partying, it is important to utilize the best-fit music system for an event. You can refer to the above-mentioned speakers that are perfectly matching your house parties. Before purchasing the speaker system or spending money, think about your requirements and needs to utilize it. Not just to get the best sound quality speaker system.

It is also a vital part to determine the DJ speaker’s sound quality before paying for the product. You need to consider your budget, durability, DJ’s average wattage requirement, the speaker’s performance, and also your environment. Most of the top brands will offer numerous collections of audio equipment; you should review and choose wisely to fulfill your requirement. These speakers will combine easier use, flexibility, power, and portability as one convenient package. For DJ’s, this could be an ideal option for performance or practice.

Frequent Asked Question on Best Dj Speakers for House Parties

How many watts do I need for a party speaker?

Answer: Any party without music is not fun even for a minute. Whether it is an indoor family function or pool party, you need powerful music to boost the arty entertainment. There are many speakers in the market that you can buy for indoor or outdoor parties. 

If you want the rocking party, you can choose a speaker of 50 watts as it gives high performance. One of the best party speakers is AVR-1513 as it is not as costly as other speakers in the market. Besides, you can choose the following party speakers for a rocking party:

  • Proreck Party portable 12-inch woofer 

This pair of 1000-watt party speakers work perfectly at any party. It throws powerful sound even in the large areas. 

  • Sylvania Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

If you want to set the party mood, you can select this speaker. It is lightweight and has LED lights. Besides, this speaker will give the unlimited joy of the party. 

  • Sony GTKXB90 portable Bluetooth speaker

This is another powerful party speaker with a long battery life. It is good for small and medium-sized parties. 

What kind of speakers do DJs use?

DJ party is real entertainment during marriage functions, gatherings, and outdoor parties. These days, people love to book DJ services for their private parties and office parties. It is because DJs have the right way to attract hundreds of people in the party with their music. 

Now, it is a very exciting thing for everyone at the party to know about the speakers that DJs use. So, we will further discuss the best DJ speakers that most of the professional DJs choose:

  • JBL JRX215 

No brand can beat JPL when it comes to amplifiers. This is one of the most powerful DJ speakers from JBL brand. It can perform well in the party of 200 to 250 people. 

  • Yamaha DXR15 

Yamaha DXR15 is 1100 watts loud DJ speaker for superb performance. It has a sleek body with amazing features. 

  • Bose F1 Model 812 

If you want a robust DJ speaker for a pool party, you can choose this one from Bose. It gives premium-quality sound in large or small parties. Besides, this speaker has 800 watts.

  • QSC K12.2 

This speaker from QSC enhances the quality of sound in any beach party or pool party. It has a smart design and robust features.  

How many speakers do DJs need?

Normally, professional DJs use a pair of high-quality headphones for pre-cueing and mixing songs. There are generally 2 DJ monitor speakers on the right and left sides of the party hall. If the area is very large, the professional DJs use 3 speakers in the front and 3 speakers on the backside to create a fantastic atmosphere in the party. 

The purpose of placing the speakers on the front and back sides is to make the way for the sound to come from different sides. This arrangement of the speakers will make the parties more amazing and entertaining. 

What do I need for a DJ sound system?

Many teens have the dream to become a successful DJ in the future. They all have a common question about DJ equipment for the parties. The main equipment of the DJ sound system includes mixer, vinyl records, monitor speakers, PC or laptop, turntables, headphones, and DJ software. 

If you are a beginner, you will need:

  • 2 DJ Cartridges 
  • 2 DJ Turntables 
  • RCA cable 
  • DJ mixer
  • Vinyl records 
  • Slipmats 
  • Headphones

Are 500 watts loud enough for a party? 

Normally, the speaker of 200 watts can give the power of more than 500 watts. If you are searching for the best quality party speakers, you can take 2 speakers of 1000 watts. These speakers will perform well in large party plots, pool parties, beach parties, and larger areas. 

If you want a loud music party, you can choose 200 watts of the speaker. The speaker with 200 watts can give a strong throw of music within the party hall. On the other hand, the speaker of 50 watts can give a good sound of classical and jazz music. 

If you have larger party plots or areas, the speaker of 500 watts won’t work effectively. You will have to increase the volume of the speakers constantly to get a loud sound. Increasing the volume of the speaker continuously will cause damage to the speakers. 

The best speaker to keep in a large party hall, swimming pool, or backyard is the one with 50 watts. This speaker can perform better in small halls and venues. 

Generally, the musicians consider that the speakers with more watts are louder and more powerful. But this is not the same in the case of all the speakers. Some speakers with low watts will also play loud music in the bigger areas.