8 Best Bezel Less 4k Monitors 2021 – Buying Guide

When compared to bezel-less smartphones, there are numerous methods to make sense by the bezel less monitors and televisions. Computer monitors and HDTVs will not offer similar requirements like smartphone display. There are various best bezel less 4K monitors and TVs available across the online marketplace. For example, the front-facing camera is not required for the monitor or television. Instead, they only utilize the buttons located on the device while losing the remote control. Most of the manufacturers will hide the buttons on the device’s bottom or side. The pictures on the TVs or monitors are framed with the help of a bezel. 

Currently, you can find the complete best bezel less monitors or televisions and known as Projectors. The bezel is not available on the monitor and the wall behind the monitor will work as a visual frame. This is another important reason to utilize the best bezel less 4k monitors or televisions. Only the projector’s outside is genuinely bezel less but still, the products are not referred to as bezel less. Advertisements from the manufacturers showcase their bezel less displays however; it is not really bezel less display. The less bezel display across the screen is located in a thin frame.

Best Bezel Less 4k Monitors 2020

1. BenQ Ultra-Slim 24-inch IPS Bezel Monitor

Best Bezel Less 4k Monitors

Make use of the cable cutter to utilize numerous spaces on your table or desk without distracting your work. BenQ GW2480 is another best bezel less ultra-wide monitor that offers the neat cable-management system to use. This is a frameless design and comes with a 24-inch display. Highly-detailed pictures are delivered using brightness with 250 nits and a maximum picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Moreover, the display is also equipped with an in-built filter and a ZeroFlicker backlight. 

These features will assist to safeguard you from the blue light damage. Choose the best options from enhanced blue light settings like reading, office, multimedia, and web. This monitor is outstanding with the help of its cable management system. It is much easier to create an organized desk-space by hiding the wires within the monitor stand. The monitor will utilize the easy connectivity options using the DisplayPort, VGA, and HDMI inputs.


  • Featuring patented eye care
  • It will support 100mm x 100mm VESA wall mount
  • SCMS (Smart Cable Management System)
  • Quicker response time


  • Low sound quality from built-in speakers

2. Acer 23.8-Inch R240HY IPS HDMI Monitor

monitors without bezel

You can easily expand your workspace in an effective way by using the Acer R240HY portable monitor. The screen weighs at 6.4 pounds and also much easier to carry around.  You can quickly and without any stress to create your workspace. The Acer R240HY monitor has a minimalist design, lightweight, and sleek.  The rear-side is located with the entire connections and power supply. The front panel includes the monitor with smallest bezel design or a zero-frame. The bottom bezel size is ¾-inch while the side & top bezels are around 1/16-inch. 

Base with the ring shape is another important feature of this unique monitor. The stand offers tilt-only adjustments feature ranging from -5° up to a maximum of 15° and ample stability. VESA mount holes are not available with this monitor. You are not allowed to attach without extra adapters or using a different stand. Acer R240HY will offer the best and decent image quality. IPS Panel technology will showcase the images well-detailed and sharp along with the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.


  • Prevent Eyestrain using the blue light filter and Flicker-less technology
  • Energy-efficient with the help of Sports Acer’s EcoDisplay design
  • Gray-scale and great color performance
  • Easy portability due to removable stand and lightweight profile


  • DisplayPort Input is not available

3. AOC 27V24 Ultra-Slim 27-Inch Full HD Frameless Monitor

best frameless monitor

AOC 272VH Ultra-Slim monitor is another excellent option for office applications and casual gaming. Without cost, this monitor can fulfill your requirements like frameless bezel design, FreeSync support, and IPS panel sporting. This monitor showcase the primary highlights of bezel-less hidden edge design. Three sides used with frameless bezel and the 4th side include a super-slim bezel. Image quality has the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to offer vibrant and crisp pictures. 

The refresh rate of this ultra-slim monitor is around 75 Hz. Apart from the refresh rate, it also deals with AMD FreeSync technology for light-duty gaming. They harmonize the GPU-performance and screen from preventing input latency and screen tearing. The monitor can offer the best seamless gaming experience. When compared to other brands, AOC has provided numerous features for safeguarding you from the digital eye strain. They utilize low blue mode and flicker-free technologies.


  • Optimal viewing with the help of IPS Technology
  • Affordable pricing
  • Prevent Eyestrain using the Flicker-less technology
  • It is perfect for light gaming with the AMD FreeSync support and refresh rate at 75 Hz


  • Connection options are limited

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4. HP VH240A Full HD 23-8 Inch IPS Monitor

Best Bezel Less 4k Monitors

HP VH240A IPS (In-Plane System) Monitor will support both portrait and landscape viewing. It is much easier for programmers or web developers to view the code lines using the vertically-inclined screen. Bezels are 15-inches thickness and offer an ultra-slim profile. Ample stability is provided with the rectangular-shaped stand that supports the 10-pound monitor screen. This stand offers the best level of adjustability and can rotate by 90-degrees for portrait or landscape viewing. The stand offers tilt-only adjustments feature ranging from -5° up to a maximum of 30°. HP VH240A monitor will offer a full HD (High Definition) resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

The pictures are well-detailed and crisp when compared to other ultra HD counterparts. This monitor will utilize IPS technology for translating the content with wide viewing angles. A Low-cost monitor will provide a big advantage of using the 2 numbers of two-watt small-sized audio speakers. The thin side of the sound quality can provide prominent mids and highs. For easy connectivity, this monitor is included with VGA and HDMI ports. An integrated speaker of your monitor is connected with external audio sources by using a 1/8-inch auxiliary cord.


  • Most popular and the best computer monitor without bezel across the marketplace
  • Easy installation with the support of VESA mounting
  • Completely adjustable stand
  • Crystal-clear HD (High Definition) pictures


  • Speaker’s sound performance should be improved

5. Dell U2718Q Ultra-sharp 27-inch 4K Monitor

bezel less ultra-wide monitor

Dell U2718Q is another very thin panel or 4K monitor and the case includes the power supply. This is one of the best monitors with small bezel and receives some extra weight. Most of them will not carry this item since it is not important when compared to the hidden power source. Dell Ultra-sharp has an in-built IPS matrix created by the developers. Dell 4K monitor will offer numerous features to the users. A few of them like brightness, high contrast, decent color palette, 16:10 convenient format, 27-inch screen, and an impressive resolution.


  • It is available with more than 1.07 billion colors
  • Dell Universal pairing
  • Very bright
  • Stunning resolution


  • Expensive product

6. LG 27UD68-W IPS 27-Inch 4K Monitor

monitor with smallest bezel

The LG 27UD68-W monitor will offer a game mode, on-screen control convenient settings, and 4K UHD resolution for gaming applications. Without exception, the LG devices are most popular for its 4K resolution and aesthetic design. They offer the biggest impression with the bezel-less casing along with a 27-inch display. Monitor has ample stability will the help of a smooth curved base. The picture quality of this monitor is another important area to excel. In terms of quality, the monitor can deliver contrast, brightness intensity, highly realistic, and sharp images. An IPS (In-Plane System) is utilized by this LG monitor for improving color accuracy with leverage of liquid crystal display. 

LG 27UD68-W monitor will offer the best 4K resolution along with FreeSync support and also an ideal option for gaming. Based on the game’s framerate, the technology will create numerous refresh rates depending on the monitor’s speed. You can gain a fluid and impressive gameplay experience. It is much easier to use with the help of its on-screen control settings. There are numerous essential commands available within the handy window to provide convenient access. Just a few clicks to preset the picture mode, volume change, or brightness adjustment.


  • Seamless gaming experience gained by the FreeSync support
  • High image quality
  • Intuitive interface with the help of on-screen support


  • In-built speakers are  not included in this product

7. ASUS MX27UC Designo 4K Monitor

computer monitor without bezel

If you prefer to utilize a bezel-less stylish monitor then Asus MX27UC 4K monitor is an ideal option to select. Most of the monitor series created from Asus will focus only on its appearance. It can easily complement the interior with elegant and incredibly attractive options. The sturdy and reliable stand will appear minimalistic and stylish. 

You can gain amazing viewing angles by using this IPS panel. The model’s strengths are incredible brightness and its fast matrix. Users can get a beautiful and clear picture with an excellent image resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This 27-inch 4K monitor will not position for utilizing like a gaming option. Get immersed within the virtual reality by allowing the high refresh rates.


  • Prevent Eyestrain using the Eye Care technology
  • Amazing and impressive contrast ratio
  • Awesome and effective refresh rate
  • Great resolution quality


  • Expensive product

8. Scepter C275B 144Hz 27-Inch Curved 4K Monitor

best monitor with small bezel

Scepter C275B is one of the best bezel less 4K monitors are developed with 27-inch screen size. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9 with the display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The VA panel type includes the curved style of the LED screen. The monitor’s frame with borderless quality along with the VESA mounting compatibility will make it an ideal choice to use. For gaming purposes, it offers the best response time of 3 milliseconds with a high refresh rate of 144 Hz. They are preferred to use a low response time of 3 milliseconds for any quickest reaction times. All these features integrated with its important FreeSync support to make the best option for gamers. This monitor will offer an audio output jack, HDMI port, and as well as a DisplayPort slot. You can find various other high-quality options to connect this 4K monitor with the machine for versatility uses.


  • It is supported with FreeSync support
  • Compatible with VESA mounting
  • Low Response time
  • High Refresh rate


  • It is only utilized for gaming purposes

Best Bezel Less 4K Monitors Buying Guide

Find below the list of important things to consider before purchasing the best bezel less 4K monitors for your reference:

Adaptive Sync – Screen tearing is always reduced with the help of adaptive sync. Gamers are aimed to utilize its inclusion like a bonus instead of using it as a requirement. Screen tearing will happen while the graphics card’s frame numbers are rendering each second. It could be misaligned with the refresh rate of each monitor. 

The monitor’s refresh rate may be locked by the adaptive sync to its respective video card’s frame rate. The DisplayPort’s adaptive sync feature is compatible using the FreeSync with the available AMD graphics cards. G-Sync is the own version of Nvidia and utilizes the Nvidia chip within the 4K monitor. It is more expensive to purchase those monitors.

On-screen Display – The on-screen display of your 4K monitor is used to change the settings much easier like brightness or text size. It is also easy to use the buttons whether physical or capacitive.

Refresh Rate – Either DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI will offer the refresh rate of 60-hertz (Hz). It will frustrate the mouse movements, prevents latency, and also keeps things smooth. Older versions of 4K monitors both DisplayPort and HDMI will offer around 30 Hz. It should rely on Multi-Stream Transport (MST) to reach the 60 Hz refresh rate. Currently, the 4K monitors are offering the best refresh rates of 144 Hz. Most of them will not require those monitors and it is also expensive when compared to 60 Hz 4K monitors.

Customer Service & Warranty – It is important that the bright-pixel defect purchase is protected by using the good dead-pixel policy. 4K monitors will commonly offer only 3-year manufacturer warranties. Moreover, some of the models may carry less-extensive warranties. It is also important for the responsive customer service to resolve any issues immediately.

Adjustability – Most of them will spend numerous hours working on their monitors. You should pay the price if the monitor is not properly aligned with its correct posture. VESA mount is attached with your monitor’s arm to gain the ability of your requirement or the most ergonomic feature. Users can purchase the good monitor’s arms (VESA mount) around $100 up to a maximum of $200. 4K monitors are prioritized to withstand numerous options. A few of them like great height adjustments, pivoting using portrait mode, swivel both sides, and tilt from back to front.

Color Accuracy – The manufacturers of the 4K monitors are already calibrated to offer better color accuracy when compared to other models. Color accuracy is one of the most important key out-of-the-box and no one will prefer to calibrate their monitors. It is possible to use the sRGB color gamut for covering your monitor to achieve the best picture quality. Monitors can provide more gamut coverage for accurately representing more range of colors. 

If you are using the monitor for performing professional imaging work then it is essential to calibrate the monitor. Hire a professional and make use of the instruction manual to calibrate the monitor. It is always great to utilize the color accuracy from the factory-calibrated monitors and can improve using the professional calibration.

Ports – DisplayPort and HDMI connections are essential for the best 4K monitor. A standard DisplayPort will allow you to utilize the daisy-chain compatible monitors. HDMI is another common port available in entire electronic devices like media streaming devices, game consoles, and computers. Your computer can connect the peripherals using the USB 3.0 hub to offer great monitors usage. It will reduce the various cables connecting your computer within your table or desk. 

Instead of a requirement, you should consider using the USB-C type cables. Before 2019, their cables are not popular and recently it is utilized in everywhere. A single cable can transmit both power & data and also reduce the cable clutter under your table or desk.

Panel Type – The display of your 4K monitor must be IPS (In-Plane System) and not to be VA or TN. Since IPS panel will offer better color reproduction and viewing angles.

Size – You can take advantage of utilizing the extra screen resolution of 4K by using a 27-inch monitor. This is large enough to use on your table or desk. It is not advisable to choose the 32 inches 4K monitor, which is too large and utilize more desk space.


Depending on the various factors, it is much easier to compare your requirements to find the best bezel less monitor. A few of them like connection options, FreeSync support, response time, refresh rate, panel type, HD quality, & Display size. If you prefer to purchase a gaming monitor then it is essential to invest in getting the FreeSync support and sharp resolution. 

This will assist you to overcome the latency or image distortion issues. Most of the monitors without bezel are available across the online marketplace. For monitor replacement, you can choose the monitor that offers ample flexibility and a unique clamp-style stand. The display size may vary based on various models and advisable to choose the larger surface area for better working.