[2020] 19 Best 3d Printing Pens

Artistry results from the best quality brushes and pens. Today, it is the age of 3D models. Every movie, image or video has 3D effects for making it more catchy and attractive. 3D pens have an important role in the creation of elegant 3D designs and models. 

Today, it is not very hard to get high-quality 3D printing pens in the market. Some of the companies design 3D pens to give a smooth experience of drawing 3D models. There are few amazing 3D pens from popular brands that will boost your 3D designing creativity. 

Best 3d Printing Pens

1. Myriwell 3rd Gen 3D Pen

Myriwell manufactures some of the most beautiful 3D printing pens for kids and adults. This is a unique 3D pen with a stunning body and color. The pen contains many latest features such as USB cable, LED display and storage bag.

This pen is lightweight and contains skin-friendly materials. It is affordable in price as well.

2. 3Doodler Printing Pen 

The next on the list is a 3D pen from 3Doodler. It comes with fine nib to draw some of the amazing 3D models. Packed with modern technology, this 3D pen will give you the intrinsic 3D designs. 

This pen contains PLA and ABS filaments that deliver the best results on the paper. It is ideal for beginners as well as experienced artists. 

3. Levin 3D printing drawing pen

Levin 3D pen is one of the best 3D printing pens you can purchase to boost your 3D designing skills. It has a sleek body and a good grip. This pen does not cause hand pain. 

You can view the kind of filament on the clear LCD screen. Besides that, this pen provides comfort and relaxation to the hands and increases the speed.

4. MYNT3D Professional Printing pen

You can now bring the imagination on the paper with this robust 3D pen. If you want to become a professional 3D designer, you can pick this pen from MYNT3D. 

It is simple to make adjustments in the temperature of this pen. The different filaments in this pen include wood, PLA and bronze. 

5. Myriwell Wireless Charging the 3D pen 

The next on the list is again Myriwell brand. This pen gives a flawless 3D designing experience. It gives comfort to your hands while creating any 3D model.

This pen is portable and you can carry it to any place. It is one of the best 3D pens for beginners. 

6. Soyan Standard 3D printing pen

If you want the affordable 3D pen for creating elegant 3d models, you can go for the Soyan brand. It comes with a small button that will help you to change the colors while drawing 3D models.

Soyan Standard pens are safe to be used by the kids. They have amazing design and body to give a comfortable feeling in the hands. 


Having a stunning design, the pens from TECBOSS 3D draw the finest 3D models. You can easily adjust the temperature of this 3D pen. Apart from that, it contains an OLED display to see the different types of filaments. 

It is among the cheap 3d pens for children. The pen contains 8 levels of speed for high-quality designs. 

8. Genesis 3D printing pen

Drawing 3D models is a tough task but not definitely when you have Genesis 3d printing pens. It has a good body and color to give comfort to the hands. This pen contains durable material that does not cause skin allergies.

You can conveniently get to see the types of filaments in this pen with the help of an LED screen. It also comes in various colors. 

9. Sketch Pro 3D printing pen

You can take the help of the latest technology to grow your 3D designing skills. It starts and turns off on an automatic basis. This pen is available in 3 wonderful colors. 

The beautiful ergonomic design of the pen gives comfort to your hands. It also includes an LED display to view the filaments.

10. QCreate 3D drawing pen 

You can now make cards for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas with these pens. QCreate pens come with PLA and ABS filaments. 

This brand manufactures some of the best 3D printing pens for beginners and professionals. Whether it is a simple floral design or geometrical shape, these pens give the best quality work. 

11. AtmosFlare 3D Printing Pen

The 3D pens of AtmosFlare extract the best skills from the artist. This is one of the most elegant 3D pens you can use for drawing 3D models and shapes. They contain different colors to make different shapes, models and designs. 

12. Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3 

3D models can be of various colors and shapes. The beauty of any 3D design depends on the quality of the pen you use to create it.

Scribbler brings the finest quality 3D pens for kids and adults. This pen contains an LED screen to see the kind of filaments. 

13. CreoPop 3D printing pen 

This is one of the robust 3d printing pens you can use to make superb 3D drawings. It contains superior quality cool ink that dries instantly. 

This pen has a nice grip to relax your hands. You can carry this lightweight 3D pen in any kind of bag. It is reasonable in price as well.

14. Polyes Q1 3D printing pen 

Polyes is another famous name in the field of 3D pens. This is an innovative 3D pen with amazing features. 

It comes with a stunning LED screen to see the kinds of filaments. Further, the cool ink of this 3D pen dries within a few seconds. It is a safe product for kids. 

15. Nextech Intelligent 3D Printing pen

This is the cute 3D pen for kids and adults. It improves the skills of 3D designing. The wide OLED screen shows you the full cycle of printing in a proper way.

You can adjust the temperature of this pen for the comfort of your hands. It contains an automatic shut-off function.

16. Manve Intelligent 3D pen 

If you want the smooth flow of drawing, you can choose this 3D pen. It contains both PLA and ABS filaments. You can draw 3D models in different colors with this pen.

Additionally, this pen has the settings of adjustable temperature to protect your fingers from burning. It is a good pen for kids.

17. YaYa 3D printing pen V1.5

This 3D pen has a shape similar to that of a wristwatch. It creates some of the best 3D figures and designs.

Further, the pen contains rich quality cool ink that solidifies on the spot. It comes with both ABS and PLA filaments. This pen is lightweight and simple to hold in the hands.

18. Curiosity 3D pen

The name says it all. This is one of the robust 3D gel pens for kids and professionals. It contains safe and eco-friendly materials to protect skin from infection and skin allergies. This pen comes with a power adapter, USB cable, and shovel tool. 


These are the fantastic 3D pens that will take you in the magical world of 3D figures. They provide ease, comfort, and relaxation to the hands. 

You can use these pens for daily use and bring creativity.